Neha Singh embarks on a journey to uplift women through her extensive Knowledge

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Being a researcher one must acquire commitment, hard effort, and a healthy dose of inspiration. With a strong interest in the research field, Neha Singh is a researcher, fashion model, social activist, poet, NCC cadet, NSS member, and registered pharmacist. She is also a contender for the Desh ki Baat foundation’s youth dialogue.

Working towards the upliftment of women and children, Neha Singh is a firm believer in human rights as a means of empowerment. Her primary focus as a researcher is breast cancer, with the goal of evaluating or developing formulations for breast cancer treatment.

Being an ambitious person, Neha Singh thrives on challenges and constantly sets goals for herself. She doesn’t like to settle for second best, and she’s always looking for methods to improve and attain greatness. In her spare time, she enjoys modeling and has recently been crowned Miss Top Most Model Of India 2020. Her pastime is composing poetry and she has been an NSS Member and an NCC CADET of the UP 20 Batallion since 2015. She is a pharmacist by trade and has a strong desire to work for women’s empowerment and education in the country.

Hailing from Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, Neha went to Sarsawtividyamandir (RSS) school where she was the topper in her school and was selected for Medhavipareeksha 2001. In 2012, the Hindustan newspaper awarded her Sehar Ki Bahadur Betiya Samman. After that, she worked as a fashion model and was a topper in her school and college life.

Currently, she is conducting research in order to pursue her aspiration from her dream college CSIR-CDRI Lucknow, India’s only drug institute. Her main area of study is pharmaceutics (formulation and development), and her current project is focused on cancer, namely breast cancer. Talking about how she perceives life, Neha says, “Being a woman isn’t always easy. I’m the first to agree that simply having confidence in yourself and ignoring your gender when it comes to goals isn’t the easiest path. There will be obstacles, and we need people willing to fight in order to change things.”

Being an exemplary researcher, she inspires many people to work towards the upliftment of society and women & children in particular.


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