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We are super thrilled and excited to have you join as a valued contributor to our ever-growing team. We are sure that you’re all charged up to publish your first press article for our readers.

We encourage our contributors to utilize our platform and publish interesting news stories. However, we are also fiercely committed to maintaining our credibility and brand values and upholding our responsibilities toward our readers. We want to be the pioneers of genuine, factual, and unbiased news reporting, and we expect our contributors to share similar views.

For this reason, we have created a set of a few important guidelines that will help you publish flawless content and make Fox Interviewer more enjoyable, engaging, and valuable to our millions of readers.

Guidelines for Content Submission on Fox Interviewer

  1. Original content only:
    Please ensure that your content is 100% original (non-plagiarized). We do not allow content that has been published elsewhere.

  2. Check grammar, language, and flow:
    Please ensure that your article doesn’t contain any grammatical errors. The language of the article must be simple and straightforward, and the tone must be free-flowing. We encourage content that is written in a factual and informational style, free from superfluous language and jargon. We highly recommend double-checking your articles for grammatical errors before uploading them to our website.

  3. Use catchy titles:
    Use catchy and relatable headlines for your press articles, but ensure that they are not too long. An ideal headline is one that’s under 10 words (or 60 characters).

  4. No overpromotion:
    Please remember that Fox Interviewer is a news website, and our readers look for content that adds value to their lives. This includes expert advice, tips and tricks, insights, analyses, etc. We don’t encourage overpromoting yourself or your brand in your articles.

  5. Use Fox Interviewer links in your articles:
    We highly encourage that you use links to other articles on our website (whether written by your or another contributor) for referencing purposes in your articles.

  6. Check the usage of external links and backlinks:
    Ensure that you use only the maximum number of backlinks that is allowed as per your membership plan. There is no limit for reference links to support stats, facts, quotes, etc. However, please ensure that these links are from credible and reliable sources only. We strongly discourage using links that do not add value to the article and are used for promotional reasons only.

  7. Fact-checking:
    Please ensure that any facts or stats that you mention in your article are verified and double-checked. As a reliable news website trusted by thousands of readers, the last thing we want to do is publish inaccurate facts.

  8. Image posting and media rights:
    Please ensure that any media (images, videos, etc.) you use within the article or as the feature image of your post is original, and you must own the legal rights to that image. Posting any form of media that causes copyright violations is strictly prohibited.

  9. No defaming press/libel:
    Any article that causes damage to another person/brand’s reputation directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited.

  10. Resharing of content:
    If you republish your article on any other platform after publishing it on Fox Interviewer, ensure that a link to the original article is provided in the repost.

Abiding by the above guidelines is essential for all our contributors to uphold the high quality of content on the platform. Any article that violates one or more of these guidelines will be reviewed by our team, and it may be taken down from the platform if deemed unfit.

That’s it; you’re all set! Now get working on your very first press article for Fox Interviewer!

Thank you, once again, for joining the Fox Interviewer contributor team. We look forward to an exciting and memorable road ahead!