Ritusmita Biswas – A Media Entrepreneur Furthering the cause of Woman Empowerment

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In the last few years, Media Entrepreneurship agencies have played a vital role in the growth of companies and their digital presence in this sequence, to provide digital support to individuals or brands, digital development to them, digital marketing company Digital Brandz.Ritusmita Biswas founded it. Within a brief period, this company has established its influence in the market. Within a year of its launch, several people joined the company’s Facebook page, and website and many multinational companies also started taking its services. Digital Brandz’s core services are social media marketing, promotion, branding, and lead generation. Initially, this company started providing its services in India but currently, named companies from different countries took their services and accepted that their services are fastest and reliable.Ritusmita Biswas, Founder, ‘Digital Brandz’ and ‘Tericom Pvt limited ,’ says that we had some problems initially because the digital market was a new field for us. Still, your skill plays the most crucial role in moving ahead in this. Using our skills, we have established credibility in the market.

Digital Brandz is based in Kolkata, West Bengal.Founder Ritusmita Biswas is a media entrepreneur with journalism background of 22 years writing for national and international media. She founded three organizations with the name ‘Digital Brandz’ , Tericom and ‘Wordsmith Writing Services.’ She got awarded with ‘Iconic Women of Decade in Women Economic Forum,’ National Ladli Media Awards, and was invited by US Government for women entrepreneur summit. Founder Ritusmita Biswas said that Over 4 million people supported us on all social media and our website .

Slowly, we started to exchange our services with smaller companies and successfully got established as a successful company today. But the goal of Digital Brandz is not to remain limited here, but we want to create employment for the youth in the future and especially women who lack conducive working facility. Digital Brandz has kept up with all the market trends and so it has decided to venture into Media Marketing services. Operating under the same brand name, the company will also be taking on clients who want to reap the benefits of online marketing through some clever, out-of-the-box thinking. Digital Brandz has today managed to diversify into digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing, and has also established a 360 degree communication agency Tericom Pvt Limited.


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