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Maxime Pierre Talks About Rewriting His Future Of Crushed Dreams

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Shattered dreams have a way of breaking one’s spirit. But a broken spirit is only temporary—it doesn’t mean you are a broken person. Maxime Pierre was looking forward to starting a successful career in European football since he was 6 years old. But when a traumatic knee injury threatened his mobility, he had to learn to adapt and create a new future for himself.

Today, Max runs a successful Network Marketing company with a global reach. But as a young football prodigy, Max’s path began very differently. When he was 15, he signed on to a professional football club in his home country of France. But, six months into training, he suffered an ACL injury which would temporarily take away his ability to walk. As he has to painfully watch as his dream slips through his fingers, Max falls into depression and anxiety. But he doesn’t let tragedy stop him from building the life he imagined for himself. Instead, he saw opportunity and found the life that was calling him. In 2016, he was introduced to Network Marketing, and he has earned over $1 million in commission and helped countless people learn how to follow their dreams.

By 2020, Max had a global reach and was working with over 30,000 customers. His success doesn’t come simply from believing in the possibilities, but through taking action. It’s only through action that you achieve the success you dream of. “What made me want to be successful was the revenge I wanted to take on life. I’ve had so many disappointments and failures. I really felt like I was disappointing my loved ones when my dream of becoming a professional footballer went out. I had such a rage in my stomach that I could only succeed. I had no choice. I thought of success from morning to evening, I dreamed of success,” says Maxime Pierre.

Max took the rage he felt and let it fuel him, rather than hold him back. He’s experienced rapid growth, but still stays grounded in his approach. If he is going to be successful in the global market, he knows he needs continual personal growth, and to hold fast to the successful actions that have brought him where he is today. “I don’t want to have any limits. I want this project to be known on all continents!” says Maxime Pierre.

When Max had to watch his football dreams fade, it broke his spirit. But it didn’t leave him a broken man. Now, he sees his accomplishments as the result of the success he is able to bring to others. To help others succeed, Max also offers financial education and guidance. You can’t rush success—it comes to everyone when the time is right. Through hard work and by enduring patience, you will become ready to manifest your own success.

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