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The job of a host is one of the most captivating and interesting jobs since you must keep your audience’s attention. The success of an event is frequently in the hands of the Anchor. Hosts are thought to need to be so skilful that the audience feels involved in the event.

Ayushi Raj, a self-made girl who started hosting events at the age of 19, has a charismatic personality and spell-bounding conversational skills growing with an aim to entertain the audience and simultaneously engage them with her sense of humour and wit. Ayushi brings with herself elegance, enthusiasm and versatility and along with that, an electrifying stage presence.
From participating in debates to now being admired for flawless beauty and endless efforts of making Show ‘A Hit’ has been really an inspiring journey.

There was a time when online platforms were used to only communicate & chat with loved ones. But now people are well aware of the power of social media. A huge increase of Instagram influencers has been noticed in the past few years. Instagram has become a magical way for those who want to take control over their careers. Using social media to empower the world, Ayushi Raj has made her presence felt on online portals like Instagram with her magnificent work profile and alluring pictures. Anybody can relish her feed full of her brilliant work and can take inspiration on how to conquer social media and the art of anchoring.

Ayushi even had a brief modelling career with a few modelling gigs under her belt. She then moved on to ramp choreography, which she enjoyed, and anchoring, which she thought was her calling. Anchoring is what she loves and wants to pursue ahead. It gives her true happiness and satisfaction. She likes influencing people through her words. Ayushi believes, Anchoring is like a meditation for her as she is completely passionate about it. Ayushi prepares herself and shares tricks to be the best by being relevant, practising, looking up to the people with more polished skills.

Mr Amar Singh honoured Ayushi with the National Women’s Excellence Awards 2019 in recognition of her exceptional accomplishments in the field of anchoring. Her achievements stimulate and inspire her to level up the game.

While we speak to her about her plans and how she paves the path ahead, she shared her goals to work as an international anchor and host are discussed. Ayushi is even thinking of launching her own company, for which she is now performing research and development. She is committed to giving her clients the best service possible and sharing joy via her work and gestures.

As a millennial, she believes that today’s generation has huge ambitions but are unwilling to take risks and pursue them. The shortcomings and responsibilities of each stage of life drag them down. Ayushi invites everyone to take a step forward and follow their passion. Try them out to see whether they’re right for you.

Ms Raj also mentions the flip side of the coin, when a large portion of the population would get into a profession or business just because it is popular or because other people are making a lot of money in it. This mindset might sometimes lead to nowhere and identity loss. She claims that before entering the race, we must conduct market research and analysis on what the earnings and losses are. The best plan for any business or profession is to know the facts and be prepared.

Failure is unavoidable, but accepting failure without attempting is incorrect; when you aspire to take the first step toward your ambition, you genuinely unlock your potential.”I am not afraid of falling and failing, but I am fearful and worried of not trying because I will regret it when I die,” Ayushi explains.

She also discussed how she plans her day, sets aside time for herself, and prepares for the day, noting that working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle assist her mind and body to operate in harmony. Ayushi even has a little me time when she wakes up, with a morning cup of coffee to get her going for the day.

Isn’t she a total boss babe? Check out the websites below to learn more about her.

IG: Ayushi Instagram
Youtube : Ayushi Youtube

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