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According To Eric Jemielita, Success Is Helping People Realize Their Dreams

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Many working-class families get left behind when it comes to understanding finances and how to build the life of their dreams. While most companies offering financial services take an “all-or-nothing” approach, Eric Jemielita sets himself apart by allowing people to balance their full-time lives with the option of getting started with him part time. He believes no one should be forced to make a choice between their current reality and building the life of their dreams.

Growing up as a poor kid in New York, Eric saw the effects of financial strain on his family, his parents’ marriage, and his community. To help improve their situation, Eric created a platform people could join. Through his program, Eric teaches very effective and efficient systems so everyone can have a shot at the big time in the financial world. With a thorough understanding of his industry, maintaining consistent habits, and relying on self-motivation, Eric has the most unique program available.

For Eric, your mindset is everything when running your business. To succeed, you have to identify and stay focused on your target. You will encounter criticism and doubt, but you can’t let other people’s opinions get in the way. “They don’t pay your bills and they’re not in charge of whether you become successful or not. You are,” says Eric Jemielita.

While other financial service providers grind away making cold calls, Eric bypasses the old ways, finding much greater success in warm markets. With systems focused on the future and opportunities for part-time involvement, Eric meets people where they are in life. “Learning to deal with different types of people each in different situations has been a challenge. But I love helping people make money and helping them reach their biggest goals and dreams,” says Eric Jemielita.

To elevate his game, Eric is writing a book and starting a podcast on entrepreneurship. He wants to reach as many people as possible, knowing he’s given people opportunities they may not have previously had access to.

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