Vikash ( Vkay Singh ) – From where a writer’s journey start.

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Writing is a beautiful form of art which is directly connected to heart of a writer because every writer writes feelings that his or her heart feels. In today’s world many people like to write most of them writing is just a hobby which they make to spend their leisure time but for some people writing is a passion which push them to write and Mr. Vkay Singh is one of that passionate person who write not only to entertain own self or enjoy their free time but to express themselves in front of world.

Mr. Vkay Singh is a young enthusiastic writer. His real name is Vikash who is born and brought up in village Bhiwani Rohilla which is a countryside area of district Hissar of Haryana state. He has done his secondary education from Aarohi Model Senior Secondary School in 2018. He did his Hotel Management Courses from Chandigarh.

As he is from a common family where his father Mr. Kuldeep Singh is a farmer and his mother Mrs. Meera Devi is a housemaker and both of them always tried their best to make Vikash to only focus on studies despite that he mostly been engaged in creative things.

Vikash (Vkay Singh) is always a socially less expressive person. Same in school he was a kind of introvert student who don’t feel confident and comfortable to share his thoughts and feelings regarding anything. But one day something inside him push him so hard to express his feelings and that time he just got a pen and started writing on last page of his Hindi school notebook. That was the day when he chooses writing as his passion because it gives a way to portray an image of his emotions, love, relations with people and his own self in front of people without any fear of judgement of society. With the time he improved his writing skills. He always tries to write feelings of his heart those he fails to express and he believe that his written words are louder than his spoken ones. Even his all reader and Co-authors always appreciate him for his writing skills and it also give him feeling of freedom and satisfaction.

He is a typical Haryanvi guy who mostly prefer to speak in his Haryanvi dialect but when he started writing poems in 10th standard they were in Punjabi. But now he writes in Hindi Punjabi Haryanvi and English. He loves to exploring in other dialects and languages to enlarge the ground of knowledge so he can use different words in his writing stuff. He loves read and admire many poets such as Late. Rahat Indori Shab, Kumar Vishwas, Tehzeeb Hafi and Late. Jaun Elia.

He adore his writing hobby and till now he have participated in five Anthology books which includes Our first , A verse that long lasts, Voices from the heart etc. and soon he is going to launch his own solo book which he titled as “DASTAAN – tales of unconditional love” in which he unfolded some of his really special poems which are very close to his heart and those poem will surely touches your hearts also.

Vikash (Vkay Singh) has become part of different Anthologies and written on various feelings of hearts and as well as on social dilemmas which collects more and more love from the poetry lovers around whole India and also won the appreciations, awards from writer’s communities and make his parents proud of him. He is also gained many followers on his Instagram account @vkay.singh which have nearly five thousand followers and Vikash (Vkay Singh) always been thankful to his friend who are his best supporters throughout his incredible journey.

To read his latest poems must check out his Instagram account @vkay.singh you absolutely love his content which you can relate to your lives and His first solo book “DASTAAN” will be available soon for his readers.


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