Rizzo Vi – Future in the Hands of our Forthcoming Generations

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My name is Rizzo Vi. I am an educator and freelancer by profession. I have spent six years teaching children so it can help them grow into rational and well-informed individuals of tomorrow. Travelling, cooking, swimming and reading poetry are pursuits that keep me occupied during my leisure time.

Given the fact that I love writing poetry, I mustered the courage this year to come up with my first ever publication, ‘Beyond Forever’, with the Dream Publishers. If my work is appreciated by lovers across the globe, it would motivate me to write further and spread the message of love amongst my readers and well-wishers. Underlining my future plans, I wish to sow the seeds of education and ensure that children; irrespective of age, sexual orientation, cast and socioeconomic status, are able to study, learn, apply and appreciate knowledge, develop the confidence to believe in themselves, and make a difference to the society and world at large with their experiences and learning. They need to ascertain the art of time management, prioritizing, and understanding how they can acquire the skills to deal with the different demons that are invading our minds and actions like noxious termite on oakwood.

The COVID 19 pandemic that struck us a couple of years back, claimed the lives of millions. It is disheartening to see how the world succumbed to the injuries invented by the deadly virus that spread like wildfire, misplacing the lives and livelihoods of uncountable innocent individuals worldwide. Our Blue Planet bled red. Volcanic eruptions, floods, death of migrant labourers, farmer suicides, forest fires, torrential rains, locust attacks, terrorism and political vendetta are just a few of the many atrocities that have intelligently worked their way into devastating and paralyzing economies nationally and internationally. If one were to study world history and undertake a forensic analysis of the current happenings, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that lack of knowledge, expertise, information, facts and figures and inability to devise feasible immediate and future action plans have led to such a tremendous downfall. It is almost impossible to predict the number of decades it would take to revive from it.

Mahatma Gandhi; an Indian spiritual and political leader; quoted, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’* Thus I personally feel it is time to bring about radical developments in oneself so that the world can flourish in abundance. To accomplish this, we need to take help from our youth; energetic, intelligent and full of brilliant ideas. It is our youth community that requires to hold hands together to fight and save current and future generations from falling prey to unforeseen pandemics in terms of domestic violence, women safety, child marriages, impacts of climate change and global warming on Earth, inequality in the income distribution in the society and protection of marine life and countless bio diversities amongst others. As we know that time and tide wait for none, our empowered youth must essentially shine like the ‘Sun of Imagination, Glory and Hope’ and enlighten generations. Collectively, our motto should be to build better and become the voice of the unheard and undermined. It is most certainly, the cleansing agent who can wash away the impressions of dishonesty, treachery and unpredictability. It needs to respect relationships and look beyond its personal benefits. The youth around the world are natural explorers and extremely resourceful. There is no problem that they can’t find a solution to.

All the Spider Man movie lovers must be aware of the celebrated dialogue, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ In the absolute sense, it is applicable to the powerful youth that is the driver of change and carrier of rectitude. The art of living together as one element stands indispensable. There are limitless possibilities and opportunities eagerly awaiting to be discovered by the upcoming generation and I am assertive they will alter the face of the globe.


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