Surabhi Naik: ‘Born to live’ Author talks about self-love, freeing oneself from chaos, heartbreak and letting go, in her 6th book, ‘A World beyond a world’.

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Surabhi Naik is an author of 6 books: Inward shelf, Born to live, A World beyond a World, Seven vibgyor musings, Flying contrails and Emblem of soul.

She talks about love, heart break, letting go and standing firm in face of challenges and chaotic circumstances. The book contains a collection of musings, poems, reflections, positive thoughts and affirmations. She focuses on empowerment and self-love in her books and strives for the uplifting of mind-sets towards positivity. She also puts light on the importance of letting go and freeing oneself from the trauma that one has undergone in life. In ‘A World beyond a world’ she goes deep into the theories of self-love, setting healthy boundaries, letting go and uplifting oneself from a heartbreak and chaotic situations in life. She also stresses the importance of reflection and contemplation in her book with more emphasis on self-love.

About her books:

‘Inward shelf: Reflections of wisdom from the heart’ is about the reflections of wisdom, few poems and articles related to psychology and philosophy, while ‘Emblem of soul’ consists of a few poems and musings.
In her book, ‘Born to live: Cosmos of musings, theories of love, healing and life’ she puts light on the concepts of love, self-love, and wisdom. ‘Seven vibgyor musings’ comprises of a few musings on rainbow and the book has got special features.

Flying contrails is her 5th book with a few success theories and reflections.

You can have the copies of her captivating books from online stores like amazon and flipkart.


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