Komal Bhaleshwer :- From a struggler to a famous writer

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Hello readers,

                        This is your new friend, who gonna talk to you with these words from my soul. I am ‘komal bhaleshwer. Yamunanagar (Haryana) is my native place and I spent my childhood right here. But my father Late Shri Fateh Singh who was a soldier in Indian army, was originally from Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh). I spent my childhood in Yamunanagar. I completed my graduation B.A from D.A.V. college in kurukshetra University. I qualified my post graduation M.A and M.Ba also form Khalsa College. I write many poems, write-ups and Stories. My mostly poems and write-ups based on a special topic like socialism or womens and girls struggle. I write fantasy, romantic, suspensive and horror stories. 

                        Horror with romance and too much suspense is my speciality. That’s why my followers call me “HORROR QUEEN”. They say that I am an expert in bringing stories to life, they feel as if they themselves are part of that story. Some followers call me “GULABO”, because they tells me that I am golden heart woman and my behaviour is very sweet to them. I want to mention my Instagram ID, so that I can have  real talk with you and here is given my Instagram ID –

                        I don’t had the goal to be a writer in my life. Since childhood, I want to become an actress or singer in Bollywood industry. In my life i faced many short and long term difficulties. My worst time was 9 November 2008, when I lost my father. I was only twenty five years old at that time and I was not even married. On 12 February 2010 My marriage had been done with Rakesh of village Yakubpur located some far from Yamunanagar. My husband is very loving caring and understanding person. He loves me a lot and support me in every situation of my life. After marriage, i left my dream and became a housewife. I have two children. My daughter kashish and my son Arnav. Now i live in poant sahib Himachal Pradesh with my beautiful family. 

                        In this lockdown period I climbed onto the chair to take off my children’s ball and fell down slipping my feet.Then I had a fracture in my left hand. The doctor applied plaster and asked to take completely bed rest. I did not like to lie on bed all day, so I started teaching children. At the same time I saw an advertisement story “kitni muhobbat hai” on Facebook of a good writer of pratilipi  Sanjana Kirodiwal. Then i installed pratilipi to read that story. On 1st August2020 i wrote my first story “phlaa pyaar. After it i started my writing journey. I wrote many stories in horror field… junun, Falak-ek rahasyamayi duniya, train wali pishachini , wo pishach  meri  muhobbat, daasta muhobbat ki…etc. I also wrote romantic fantasy stories which is so much liked and loved by my followers.  In 2021, i started my novel “Deewangi” on pocket fm. People liked it very much. Along with this, I also wrote an audio show “Raina-Ek Mohjal”, this show was also became very popular on Pocket fm. Now I am writing a new horror audio show “Mandolika” for Pocket FM. Here I am giving the link of Mandolika, you can listen by visiting Pocket FM….

                        Soon my novel “Khoobsurat shaitani sheesha” is being published. 

                        I just want to say you that Life can change anytime. All we need is tireless effort. I have lost sleepless nights trying to succeed as a writer. Even today I write most of the stories by waking up at night because along with writing I have to give enough time to my family too. Today I want to be a writer who has a special place in the field of writing. I participate in many writing competitions every day. On pratilipi too many times by participating in competitions, i have got first, second or third place.


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