Richa Tripathi – Born to Shine

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Miss Richa Tripathi
Name —- Richa Tripathi “Tulika”
Birthday and place—4 July
Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh
Education—-M.Sc. (CS), P.G.D.C.A.
Job—Working in Electrical Department
Citizenship –Indian (Hindu)
Hobbies—Running a computer, Writing poems, Drawing, Mahndi, rangoli, cooking etc.


It is said that, since childhood, Richa has been a very sharp intellect, co-operative person to be around with and has been the beloved daughter of everyone in the family.

She has been the most versatile child of her house, from coming first in the examination in high school through her entire higher education, from securing prizes in cultural to bagging shiny badges in the literary competitions of the school. Leaving no stones unturned in becoming the obedient one at home she has always been qualifying for the cream qulaities of being
loyal, hardworking, passionate and soft-spoken.

While working in various institutions during the study period, she had handled most of the responsibilities outside the home efficiently.
Despite the lack of time to fulfill her hobbies, she used to write poems in her leisure time. She has been able to always attain a decent position in the field of literature maiorly because of her strength of self-discipline and hard work, which certainly shows her dedication and zeal to achieve the heights that she aspire for.

Awards and Published Books●.*

  1. First prize in Rangoli competition organized by Sangam Committee.
  2. Second prize in Mehndi and Rangoli competition organized by Electricity Department.
  3. Best Employe award by J.P. Cement Company.
  4. First prize in the essay competition organized by Sanatan Dharma.

5.Second prize in the poetry competition organized by Saraswati Shishu Mandir.

6.Certificate received on Yoga Day organized by Saraswati Shishu Mandir.

Along with all these awards, two of her books “Jazbati Shayro Ke Jazbaat” and “Kavi Aur Kavya” has been published.
The two new books named ‘Asmita’ and ‘Molten Gold’ will be launched in the near future marking the success of the earlier and the forth coming releases, along with the embracing response which was given to the recently launched book ‘Feelings’, which was recently released in Delhi, gaining a heartfelt appreciation.

At this young age, while successfully following her responsibility, duty sense of family and society, Richa Tripathi, who practiced literature, presents inspiring examples in her age group.
I wish Richa Tripathi a bright future, wishing her a long, successful, virtuous and energetic life.

Creation and Creativity.*
Ms. Richa Tripathi is a rising signature in the Hindi literary world.
Like the great poet Nirala ji in his creation, there is a desire to free Kavita Kamini from the prison of verses, then like Kabir Das ji, there are different words in the flow of language, whether they are Hindi, Urdu, Arabic Persian, English etc. She has a wonderful ability to express the feelings of her mind while keeping it flowing through “Richu ki Tulika”.
They say——
“No bond or oath is needed to tell the truth.”
The one who grows in the times,
On the strength of his strong intentions,
to get them to their destination ,
They do not need anyone else for support.

she says——-

“Kuch kaho na, kuch to kaho na,
In reete sthaano ko tulika se bharo na”…

May not get success in every attempt,
But the reason for every success is an effort.
In this context, after publishing two books on e-book, “Jazbati Shayro Ke Jazbaat” and “Kavi Aur Kavya”.
The book “Feelings” was released just a few days ago in a grand ceremony held in Delhi, in which apart from her creation, she also discharged the responsibility of editing the works of 38 composers.
The work of creation of two books named “Asmita” and “Molten Gold” will be completed soon and will be presented for the blessings of all of you.
On the poetic stage of the religious and literary city of Teerthraj Prayag, where there were poetic recitations of poets like Prasad, Pant, Nirala, Mahadevi, etc., in various programs, as a result of mutual blessings and encouragement, Miss Richa Tripathi sprouted to be the new poetic genius, which made a strong hold of itself.
Showering all the blessings and all the good wishes for her upcoming endeavors.
Richa’s insta ID is- @bolti_tulika


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