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1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Sunaina Arora I  belong to Gwalior which is known as  Winter capital of Madhya Pradesh I have done my post  graduation from Renaissance University Indore and Graduated from M.K.H.S Gujarti girls college. I am a writer and Co-author and Started writing out of Curiosity and out of the urge to help myself feel at ease Eventually I found it Interesting . I have been Scribbling since last two years and I’m Co-author of 15 + Books  along with Complier of Stranger in Heart with another Complier and participated in 2 World Record book among which one aiming OMG world record. for exploring more regarding writing I have participated in National level poetry competition and many more and created a Page on Instagram by name”- @tales_by_sparklewings” To reach larger audience so that I could change perspective of people and contribute in their lives.  

2)  What inspired you to take up writing ?

I love to enjoy small things and find Happiness in them and Hence writing became my Happy Place. I probably spent time in expressing Imagination with texture of aesthetic Words and Elegant touch when something happened around myself at that time My mind Started creating outline of thoughts Which I convey into message.

3)  What is you take on plagiarism in the writing Community ? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices?

It’s not just right you can’t take away someone else’s handwork for your benefit Without getting them regarded them of their work. The idea can be copied but the creativity lies in the original work’s easy to better a work as it can have flaws but It’s better to write flaws then to be flawless but copied.  Yes writer’s can safeguard themselves from the plagiarism 

1) Keep track of the Sources you consult in your research.

2) And you should start using plagiarism checker before submitting your Content .

4) Which is your favorite genre to write on?

 I never limit myself with some literary pieces Which I could be selected for featuring my thought but yes I love to catch the bubbles of imagination and admired a lot and be Curious for that but I usually prefer Fiction and short stories and create the imaginary character with full of suspense and unpredictable journey. And try to sort the foundation of the story.

5) ) Tell us bit about your journey so far?

I have been writing since past 2 years now when I was in my College As far as my Knowledge are concerned When I was featured my First thought into convey a message on the back of my notebook last page with some incomplete sentences and keywords from that day to today I am addicted to this after that I tried to write more edition with the limit of thoughts along with I start participated in National poetry Competition and many more also worked as a Co-author in 15+ books.

6)  What according to you your best literary work till date?

I believe exploring is equivalent to learning .so I’m trying to learn a little bit more Every day I think when I go Through a poetry contest where I participated as a contestant and Wrote a poetry for First time with the Flow of imagination and gave the unique title” Date with Rain ” it did boost my confidence one level up because got admired From so many people and second thing is When I won alpha Quotes competition That was a great feeling at that moment of time .

7) What are your upcoming projects in the literary field?

If I am taking about my upcoming projects in the literary field that is I want to publish a book which will totally based on imagination in the form of collection of Flawless Stories  and stuck with limited character also I’ll be do some research on Finding unique title for it along with I’ll work as a Co-author in upcoming anthologies  Like- Black Rose and Forelsket and many more with Recommendable Complier Authors and also I’ll be nominate myself as a awardee in the Awards program For Explore more.

8)  who is your Favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite Writer?

I admired J.K rolling a lot at the same time I got inspired from her because of her Fantasy novel and Magical stories with 7 Books of the series of Harry Potter written by her how Flawlessly mould she played with the characters and mold the fantancy with the creativity of magic . I’m impressed by her observation how marvelous she observed the things around herself and put them into right direction. Couldn’t stopped myself by thinking she got the idea of Herry Potter while delayed on a train travelling from Manchester to London King cross station by adoring a boy and she began to planned 7  books of the series with tenure of 5 years. If I really got a chance to spend a day with her I desperately looking forward to the those script of paper and maps where she started to point out and mention dots that how she would Start the imagination with texture of Fantasy also I’ll go with her at an Cafe where I love to listen her 5 yrs of incredible journey and put more effort so that I could learn a lot from her experiences.

9)  How does it feel to be an award Winner for your amazing work?

I must say these are precious moments For any writer who gets recognition for their Work I also cherished all the achievement because each one added one Star in my writing to shine and push me for draft more creative write-ups and give a satisfaction I am consistently working on these aspects of Learning so that I’ll achieve more and more accomplishments, and try to put Effort that come up with new ideas and a small victory that creates a map for long journey with bigger milestone.

10)   what would be your two line advice to upcoming writers?

You Have to be consistent with your work Do Give your valuable time to observed the things around you also read as much as you can and you can come up with unique ideas &  Good collection for Flourish Content. 

A quote mark down by me-

Your Desire and Dream were enough to conclude that one day you will attain what you Genuinely Deserve” !


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