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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Ans- I am from Lucknow I am an author and a psychology student I am a co-author of twenty-one anthologies and a solo published author of six books. Writing is a passion for me I believe writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. I am an ambivert by personality my world revolves around books and I spend most of my time with my books and music. I like to spend time in nature while listening to songs it makes my mind calm and nature gives me new ideas for my writing.

  1. What inspired you to take up writing? 

Ans-My favorite author J.K Rowling and my idol Sushant Singh Rajput inspired me to do something in the literature field. When I read J.k Rowling’s books then I feel that writing is an emotion you just have to create a world of your emotions and thoughts in writing. I got inspiration from my idol Sushant Singh Rajput he was also into writing his beautiful thoughts inspired me to create a world of my own emotions. 

  1. What is your take on plagiarism in the writing community? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices? 

Ans- I believe those who copy and snatch others’ work or creativity are literature thieves. They are insecure about their works that’s why they copy or snatch others’ creativity rather than enhancing their work. Writers should use a copyright mark or notice in their writings also; they can change their account settings to private for their online writing pages.

  1. Which is your favorite genre to write on? 

Ans- My favorite genre is fiction I believe that fiction encourages writers to create a new world and characters of their choice. Also, I am working on my fictional story that will launch soon. 

  1. Tell us a bit about your writing journey so far. 

Ans- I started my writing journey last year during the pandemic I used to pen down my thoughts about random themes of literature and life. After some time I started participating in writing competitions and challenges for enhancing my writing skills which gave me more exposure to the new themes of literature. I took part in several anthologies for learning and practicing more before writing my solo book. 

  1. What according to you is your best literary work to date? 

Ans-Shades of love, direct from the heart, and tales of life are some of my best literary works till date. 

  1. What are your upcoming projects in the literary field? 

Ans-Currently, I am working on two projects which will launch by the end of this year. 

  1. Who is your favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite writer? 

Ans-My favorite writer is J.k Rowling I would have a long chat with her about her books and her upcoming projects. I would ask one question that why didn’t you shipped Harry and Hermione together in the harry potter series :). 

  1. How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work? 

Ans- It feels like a dream come true I cannot express my happiness by words when I get any award for my hard work I feel amazing when any organization appreciates me for my dedication and hard work. 

  1.  What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers? 

Ans- If you are into writing then utilize your skill. Your skill and talent will open the door for several new opportunities for you. I would like to convey my best wishes to new authors :). 


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