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Author Piyali Mitra believes that pen and written words hold a great deal of power

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Piyali Mitra, an introvert believes that pen and written word hold a great deal of power. As
Leonardo da Vinci remarked that the all cognition ends in words will die as fast as it came to
life, with the exception of the written word….

Her passion for words though for written words led her to pen her thoughts as poems and short stories. Its so true gone are the days when sewing a string of melodious words was considered the work of only those who studied the intricacies of the language, today, every heart, every hand and every pen is capable of pouring out words that resonate beyond the boundaries of language.

The debut poetry book entitled “Of the heart and soul-A mellifluous whisper” by author Piyali Mitra is no exception. Piyali Mitra’s voice feels familiar, as if you
have been listening to it since the moment you took your very first breath. Inner peace in the middle of the turmoil that is life, that’s how I would describe her voice. There’s a wiseness to it, not self-proclaimed, though. She sees with her heart, her hopes and fears, and she then lays
these portraits gently on the page with the help of words.
This collection is focused around nature, and love split into 21 poems. It’s really short and quick to read and a few poems are introduced by some really nice illustrations.

Many of these poems contain questions, makes you question your surroundings, exclamations, and there is
some occasional preachiness. It feels like an experienced life telling the reader to let go, lighten up, trust without worry, pay attention to nature, and other truisms.
She has penned other anthologies like “Words that Remained Unsaid”- a book of letters of love and endearment in the form of poems or letters under the My heart Goes On series published by Ukiyoto India. She has also penned poem in the book entitled Wide Awake
Volume VII published again by Ukiyoto India. She is also a representation and part of CULTURAL IDENTITY & IDEOLOGY – I, BELIEFS & SOCIAL CUSTOMS
Tell Me Your Story Review June 2022 in collaboration with Global South Colloquium, University of Victoria, Australia. Under the aegis of TMYS she has been part of
panel discussion and contributed to the Digital conversation. Tell Me Your Story – Gender Inequality in Ritualistic Practices | Facebook.

Piyali Mitra is a doctoral researcher in Philosophy and

Bioethics and an alumnus of Woolf Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. Poetry writing recharges her mind and engages her imagination, and she has been thoroughly inspired by Emily Dickinson and Mary Oliver. Her
works have been published in literary journals and magazines. She was awarded Wordsbrew
2021 Best Author Poetry Award. She also received Best Poetry Author 2021 Award conferred by the LitVoice Magazine. The Best Seller BlueRose Awards 2021 has been presented to her for the mentioned book. Apart from that she was selected for the Poet of the
Year Literary Awards 2022 by Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada.


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