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Ashish Bhardwaj: a well-known scriptwriter and influencer.

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Ashish Bhardwaj, who is known as a well-reputed YouTube scrip writer, an influencer, a marketer, and CEO of sociopool India. This guy is a multitasker and setting the high bars for upcoming talent in the social media world. But at the same time, he is guiding people on how to emerge on social media and set their base in the best possible way.
With the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur what in the world this guy has not achieved in a period of 7 years. But one should admire the amount of effort he is putting into his work and the consistency he is showing towards his planning. The live example of his talent is the YouTube channel “Sibbu girri”. This channel is getting handled by a girl along with a few other creators but the dialogues and story behind the videos are the creation of Ashish Bhardwaj. The theme of these videos is entertainment by mocking various aspects of girls’ and boy’s life.
This channel is also collaborating with another YouTube channel named “Rachit Roja” who has crossed 10 million subscribers and doing a splendid job in his niche. This collaboration is doing wonders in both ways as both channels have a similar theme and many of their projects have gone superhot. Their viewers want them to make more videos together.
“Sibbu Giri” was first introduced on YouTube on March 23 in 2019 and one cannot ignore the fact that the channel has crossed 3 million subscribers within 2 years. In various cases, YouTube channels took many years to make a stable repute but this team is doing wonders and Ashish is being an example in the world of entertainment. In a period of 2 years, it is huge progress, and uploading this much content that is eye-catching is actually a big deal. But there is a margin to get more success if they continue to make more.
Ashish belongs to a family who never went to any business platform but this man was a rebel who was not afraid of taking wild steps and making the best use of his degree which is an MBA. He knows how to flourish a business and what are the tactics to grasp the audience’s attention. Talent without hard work is nothing and this man through his consistent efforts is proving it right. He has gained massive popularity and is not going to stop anytime soon. People want to see more from him.

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