Author Anushree Agrawal is the rising literary star from Varanasi

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Author Anushree Agrawal is a college-going student who pursues B.A. from BHU University, and the author of Dil Se Dil Tak. She lives in Varanasi. Her mother and family members always supported and encouraged her to follow her passion.

Now she is going to tell about her writing journey.
As we all know the art of writing is a magical thing. It doesn’t come to mind. It comes with the bottom of our hearts, passion, compassion, and love. It is the best way to express our feelings about anything in the world which exists or maybe imaginary.

But for her, it is my god-gifted talent which she used as a passion and became the author of Dil Se Dil taak. No one can become an author in one day. During the pandemic, she got very spare time to continue the art of writing.

She is grateful to her mother who always supported her in this.
She would like to thank her elder sister Divyanshee Agrawal as sometimes taunts or negative things can have a positive impact on you.
One day at night she was so frustrated with her and shouted at her that she have only one thing making poetry. What’s the use of that. Why the hell do you do that?. She was speechless. Then she browse on the net and found that there was an open mic held in her city ( Varanasi). Filled the form and do the payment and perform there. Her stage fears are gone.

Writing poetry has given her a lot of things.
She has won several awards like the writer’s ink award, Stellar award, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman, pride India award, and now Jagruk champion award.
She feels so lucky that she got such a wonderful family who always supports and respects her talent.
She would also like to thank god for inheriting this talent in herself and making and realizing and exploring her talent and giving her that compassion.
Lastly, she would like to thank everybody who always supported and encouraged her to become a successful author.

Moreover, if anybody wants to see her beautiful creation then they can refer to her work. They can buy her book Dil Se Dil taak. Which is available on Amazon.

Links for the book??

And if anybody wants to contact or connect with her then they can for sure.
Instagram- author_anushree_agrawal_


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