Artist Anushri Gupta from Chhatarpur is a multiple award-winning personality

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Artist Anushri Gupta is the most prominent personality and multiple National International award-winning a self-taught rising Indian artist from Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. She is the winner of the most prestigious award“ Raja Ravi Verma International Award 2021” from Lalit Kala Kedra Assam and the Asian award “Asia’s top 100 influential awards”2021 a for the excellence of art. As well she is a state, national and international winner with the first position and Anushri has won multiple national international art competitions.

Anushri started painting and sketching in 2018 as her passion and as her profession but she makes drawings at the age of 5 years just because of THE HAPPINESS OF HEART. And always she lives in the world of imagination about art. And now everybody calls her a great and most prominent artist of the FUTURE.

Anushri is an emerging painter a landscapist and a sketch artist. She has many hobbies like singing, songwriting, dancing, etc and she is a poetess too. but Anushri loves painting most because performing art is her passion. She performs many types of art such as abstract art, conceptual art, landscapes, portrait, sketch art, and many more. Anushri takes orders for commission work and lives in the small town of Madhya Pradesh with her loving parents. She always tries to do something different by using different techniques of paintings. Anushri loves the challenges to excel in her art. Because she believes “every challenge is an opportunity to learn”.

Anushri Gupta is honored by the Cheif Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shivraj Sing Chauhan in 2018. She has a huge bag of national and international achievements including multiple national and international awards for the excellence of art and many of her artworks got selected for international and national art exhibitions. Her artwork“ 2020” got selected to The international Art magazine” The 2020” of The King house Gallary London from United Kindom.

Anushri likes to paint at late night because she loves to paint in peace full environment without any disturbance. Anushri is not very specific about her art materials because she believes that THE MAGIC TO PAINT ALIVE in your HANDS, not in materials. Good quality of artwork comes after applying many layers of colors and details. When she starts an artwork it takes 5 to 10 days (6-8 hours In a day) and some detailed artwork takes more than 10 days because she loves to paint on a big size canvas.

Anushri said – If we do HARDWORK with FULL OF HONESTY & with FULL OF CREATIVITY then we’ll get the result BEYOND OF OUR THINKING. So THINK CREATIVE, BE CREATIVE & DO CREATIVE and don’t forget to WORK HARDER.

Instagram I’d – @anushriart_gupta
Facebook I’d – Anusri Gupta
Twitter I’d – @ANUSHRI58928637
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