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Sarbajit Chowdhury , an author from Bardhaman breaks the rusted shackles of rituals and performs “boron” and “bon-phota” and percolates it to next generation with the support of family.

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Here is what the_poetic_lad shared with us in an exclusive interview: 

Where this pujo takes place? And how special is it for you?

This pujo takes place in my maternal house in Dewandighi. This pujo was initiated long ago and my Grandfather Late SWAPAN KUMAR GUPTA continued it and now my mama MR. Basudev Gupta along with the family continues it. It is always special for me because we get to meet each other, have fun and eat good things. We are just full of love and happiness on these days. 

What made you practice these rituals and what was the reaction of the family? 

My family has always kept an open mind regarding everything. They were all smile when was doing boron and also when I gave phota to my sister praying for her well-being. I have always questioned, why can’t the men of the family bid farewell maa with boron and if we pray for the well-being of our sisters by blessing them why can’t we give phota? I mustered the courage and did it this time. 

Did not the judgement people pulled you back? 

To be true yes I feared it. But then I decided that it’s my wish and it’s absolutely to me how will I bid farewell to maa. She is our maa and she will not mind her child doing boron irrespective of their gender. I took a deep breath and moved forward and did what I wanted. Even while giving phota my only intention was my sister’s well-being not people’s opinion because they have mouth and they will speak what matters is my peace. 

Your cousin also followed you is this a proud moment? 

Koustabh always follows me very intricately. As me and my sister complete the rituals he urged to do the same and we made sure it was completely natural and he was very happy to bid farewell to Maa in his own way. 

How special was this Bon-phota to you?  

Actually this act was really impromptu. My sister  Mousikha looked at me; we smiled and decided to practice Bon-phota. For us what mattered was to create ritual where there is equality and love. We were happy and contented, and off course I made sure she touched my feet because that was necessary, because this is only time in the year she does it, haahaaaa…

Your dida also participated in boron? 

Yess! I have always seen in my life that widows without any reason are restrained from this kind of rituals and I always felt bad about it. So this time my masi urged her to do and so did me and my cousins and she gave in. Maa kali is our mother she comes to our house and why will she demarcate based on gender and marital status. We all are her child and she is our mother and that rests the case. 

Will this be a ritual every year? 

Yes! This will be a ritual every year and I am going to involve my bhai too so that he learns what equality, love and care means in real terms. And I am glad to have a sister like her who supports me. And special thanks to my family, who always stands beside me supporting and showering all the love. 

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