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Must read books by some Authors of Flairs and Glairs

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Flairs and Glairs (F&G) is a renowned publication known for providing various range of services under one roof. F&G is not only registered under MSME Act, but also ISO Certified and Trademark Registered. Along with publishing , F&G has 3 sub brands named – “Teekhe Zasbaaat” , “Ink Over Tears” and “The Glittering Fables” which deals with creative and content writing , public speaking activities.

Founded by Shubham Shah on December 23, 2019, F&G was started with a vision to bring opportunities to the doorstep of all. Joined by Ishani Agarwal as co-founder, F&G reached great heights in the field of art, writing, speaking and creativity.

We take pride in Introducing our Authors who have taken up the Hardwork and with Dedication Launched their Solo Book.

Author of Jeevan Manthan

Jeevan Manthan by Raghav Chauhan is a book of inspirational quotes on life and its allied aspects. The book is short and crisp to read as it sheds important lessons of life by quotes in both English and Hindi.
At the center of the book is LIFE. As the title suggests, the book is about life and how one can make it perfectly livable. The book is written by very young author and at such a tender age he is delivering life lessons and wisdom, seems like a mammoth task in itself. The genre of the book is neither completely spiritual nor philosophical. It oscillates between many. At the forefront, in each quote, the book keeps teaching good and inspiring lessons which are hard to find in our everyday life motivator resources. In all of its essence, the book not only encourages having a good life but also inspired to be a good man in the tenure of life.

Author of Rummaged Runes

An Award winning Author from Palhallan area of district Baramulla. She is Author 2 books “RUMMAGED RUNES & MOON’S DUST & has Co-authored many projects of which Wizards We, the Sophist My superhero my dad, not everybody is born to be a bride, Kuch unke alfaaz aur hamari aawaz has been published so far.Ayieena has made it to IBR (India book of records) she got her place in appreciation category 2022.

Author of Reverie

‘Reverie’ is a collection of twenty-five poems dealing with the thoughts that every person has once in his or her lifetime. It talks directly to the person’s soul and reflects his or her true self through words that are usually left unspoken. Everything that constitutes life– the journey, the feelings, the environment, the people –constitutes Reverie.

Author of Manthan : Ek Soch Ek Nazariya

मेरी कविताओं का संग्रह ‌एक मंथन है कुछ कहीं कुछ अनकही यादों ‌का,‌उनसे जुड़े ‌विचारो और भावनाओं के सृजन को, उन स्मृतियों के‌ सफर को जो‌‌ अपनी एक‌ अमिट‌ छवि मेरे हृदय पर छोड़कर कहीं बिछड़ गई। उन्हीं यह के आंचल का दामन पकड़कर, एक नई सोच एक‌ न्ए नजरिए का मंथन है ।

Author of Zindagi Ke Panno Par

यह काव्य संग्रह जीवन में होने वाले उतार-चढ़ाव पर आधारित लिखा गया है। इसमें समाज, परिवार, प्रेम, प्रेरणा आदि पर लिखे हुए लेख हैं । मैंने इसमें अपने भावों को प्रकट करने की कोशिश की है।

परों से नहीं तुम हौसलों से उड़ान भरना
गिर जाओ अगर तुम
तो फिर से उठना, चलना और संभलना
तूफान में वह ताकत नहीं जो तुम्हें मंजिल से भटका दे,
है वो जुनून तुम्हारे अंदर
जो तूफान को भी अपनी फूंक से सरका दें,

इस संग्रह में मैंने अपने विचारों को सामने लाते हुए समाज, प्रेम, प्रेरणा आदि को दर्शाने की छोटी सी कोशिश की है ।

Author of Jagriti

“Only when one feels light and darkness, one is called alive.”

Through ‘JAGRITI – AWAKENING OF THE SOUL”, Grishma Ninave brings to you the various elements of human life, the driving force of one’s existence, EMOTIONS. Emotions of all kinds, of happiness and of tears, of hope and of loneliness, of faith and of betrayal, of light and of darkness. Be they good or bad, these emotions are the ones which make one feel alive. These are the ones that awaken one’s soul.

The book is a collection of poetries, short stories, articles, and open letters. Some will make you smile, some might make you cry; but to all of them, one will relate at some point of life.

The book brings to you shredded pieces of literature that will wrench your soul and pour your heart with fulfilment.

Author of Riha

“Riha” is a collection of poetry in which there is a compilation of 100 poems, where poetry has been composed on many subjects. Each piece here tells a different story. This book is not just a collection of poetry, but it is the aura of the colours of the mind of the author.
Riha is such a journey of life, where the author believes that in our life we ​​are associated with many colours, where each colour has its own identity, its existence, its own emotion and its release. “Riha” is dedicated to all those who love Hindi poems.

Author of Jab Maine Gandhi ko Jaana

This is me Deepak an author of this book which is all about gandhism and it’s all related to Gandhi and his life and what was the actual concept of his life and what such hate is spread about him is tried to conveyed the actual good deeds of him and book actually talks about the value of gandhism and his life living and the good things he devoted for the country and one should read this book to gather the actual knowledge and the reality of true life.

Author of Sachitra Kriya Sharir Shlok Sangrah Ayurvedic Physiology

About the book- Most of the Ayurveda students find it difficult to get adjusted to the intellectual set up to perceive Ayurved in the beginning of the course. For that purpose ,it may required to explain Ayurvedic principles by showing them to the facts of the modern science with images so that the student can analyse and perceive better. Explaining Ayurvedic views with images may make it easier for the students to comprehend easily and even enhance their confidence. I hope this will benefit the students of Ayurved.

Author of The Masquerade

It is a collection of heartfelt emotions of the author which describes the plight of women, beautiful songs of Nature and vibrant offerings to her beloved Shiva..
We all wear masks and at one point they need to come off and one needs to connect to their true self.
The Masquerade- from my heart to yours.

Author of Safarnama

The Book Itself justifies the Name “Safarnama”, It’s a Chapbook which tells us about the journey of life from Birth till Death and also makes us familiar with the different emotions people around us. Not only this, Safarnama gives you a whole new theory of how we can deal through such conditions. The factors we go through and also the possible terminologies that happen to bump in has been described in this book.

Author of 2am Thoughts : Processed

This book is special in many ways. It is a Solo Compilation of a 17yr old girl’s midnight thoughts. All contents you read, is something you will be able to connect to.
Be it anyone from any age bracket, the book is something you will enjoy.

Thank you for reading about them.
They deserve it for their hard work.

Also, Flairs and Glairs is about to complete two glorious years in December 2021. The same will be celebrated amidst our entire community with many jovial surprises and fresh concepts. We take pride in stating that we exist to infuse novelty, provide excellent services and astounding opportunities for one and all.

In order to check our work and to contact us, kindly adhere to our following accounts:




Flairs and Glairs

Flairs and Glairs

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