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SALES INTENSIVE: How To Handle Any Objection

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The success of any business lies in the ability to create sales. This is why being able to sell and influence people is considered one of the highest-paying skills in the world. A skill that requires no college degree, but the proper training to master can change anyone’s life. People of any age and background can become successful sales experts. A career in sales pushes people outside of their comfort zone, allowing them to continuously grow.

Nonetheless, nothing defeats an inexperienced salesperson faster than an unexpected objection. Most salespeople invest hours perfecting their sales pitch, but even a perfect pitch can be ruined by poor objection handling. In this article, Adam Aslam shares his most valuable tips to handle any objection. Adam is an example that anyone can build a successful sales career. Adam is a sixteen-year-old full-time student that started his career in sales at only age fifteen. He was able to close 60,000 USD in sales his first month, although he only works a few hours a week while he focuses on his high school curriculum.

⁣If selling your product or services on a phone call fills you with a creeping sense of dread, this article will help you feel empowered, open, and relaxed on sales calls. Remember, your prospects will always have objections, but you can prepare to properly handle them. Here are five effective ways to do so:

Acknowledge the objection: The most successful salespeople are those who really know how to listen and when to respond. People often think in order to become an expert, you have to be able to talk a lot, but in reality, you have to be able to listen. Don’t make assumptions about what they want or need, instead listen carefully, ask more questions and figure out if the first objection is a real concern.

Keep your responses short and clear: A long response is usually perceived as pushy. Instead, give them a short response, pause, and give them time to respond. Remember, you are the expert trying to solve their issues and concerns.

Figure out which are the most common objections in your industry and craft a response to each of them: preparation is really the key to achieving success as a salesperson. Making up things on the spot is likely to kill the sale. Get to really know the product or service you are selling and the issue you solve.

Be confident: The moment your prospect suspects you are not sure about what you are selling, the moment you kill the opportunity to solve their issues with your product or service.

Finally, confirm you have addressed the objection: Ask your prospect how they feel about what you’ve said and make sure you have addressed their doubts and concerns.

Following these five tips will help you close more sales, but if you want to grow your skills, connect with Adam to continue learning.

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