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Scott G Mystery, the young singer, and director in Dubai.

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Scott G Mystery Nigerian-born musician, songwriter & producer has proved his excellence in the world of music. He is a highly driven,  and high-performing musician currently living in Dubai. He has gained a lot of success in a very short time. His first album, ‘New Chemical’ was released in 2020. The album was a huge success, enough to make him a star with his very first album.

There are tons of talented artists in this world who are excellent in their respective industries. However, a few gems still go ahead in creating their unique style to emerge as a shining example to many others who aspire to attain success in their fields. 

Since the very beginning, he has honed his skills and acknowledged his passion for doing things, especially as a musician. His love for music and his determination to
succeed in the same kept him going instead of having lots of challenges.

He is also the director of ‘Obalege sounds Entertainment’ that is currently based in Dubai, UAE. He released his first album ‘New Chemical’ last year 2020 and soon he created his huge fan base. Right after the success of the song, he released a new single ‘Gud Bad Guy’. It is an amazing Afro dancehall hit that is available on all platforms now and this single is booming in the industry.

He wants people to know his story and understand that it is okay to be different, original, authentic, and live one’s truth. He says that everyone in this world is different in their own way. The music industry is one big hub and houses umpteen numbers of artists, musicians, singers, producers, songwriters, etc. Many upcoming and established artists have carried the mantle on their heads to keep entertaining the audience now and then with their selective charts and songs.

Scott’s authentic taste of music-making, creating unique content has been recognized and appreciated by millions of fans. He has achieved huge success in Thanks to his immense drive, love, and passion for music.

Scott has mastered his art. This can be seen through the quality of his songs and the response his fans give. It would be one of your best decisions of today to follow him. Trust me you will become his fan. 

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