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Novasatum an Innovative Agri-Tech Company that aims to bridge Gap between Farmer and Consumer Aspirations

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The effects of COVID-19 have been felt in almost every sector, and agriculture is no different.Lockdown has prevented farmers from sowing their crops leading to labor distruption and disrupted food markets across India. It is the time when the Agri-tech companies extended their hand towards farmers and made a bridge between Kisan and Kirana. Amongst them the most Innovative Agri-Tech Solution firm is Novastum. The company aims aims to institutionalise the most critical but the most fragmented part of the food supply chain, i.e. essential commodities from rice to spice. Novastum is founded by Saurabh Bohra and Deepak Agarwal in August 2020. The company provide services such as sourcing and procurement, repackaging and re-labelling centres, warehousing and distribution, export services, brand scalability and repack centre aggregation.

Novasatum handhold farmers at the most crucial step of their cultivation journey i.e Harvest through their Agri-tech arm It is building the largest D2C house of brands in India while using that aims at impacting over 150 million farming families and 13 million Kiranawalas. with its existing agri-processing infrastructure in West, East & North India is happy to have few leading retailers and exporters onboard. 

Commenting on the same Mr. Saurabh Bohra, Co-Founder Novasatum said, “Three significant stakeholders in the grocery supply chain are Producers (farmers), Kiranawallas and Consumers. While working with various organisation in the food and grocery domain, a critical problem statement identified was the accessibility of meeting their aspiration. Novasatum is out here to attend to these aspirations and positively impact their lives.”

They started as an AgriTech organisation in 2020 to become a full-stack FMCG company in the B2B2C domain by 2024. Novasatum has a small team of 25 hard-working people whose average experience in the food and supply chain is over fourteen years. 

Talking about the expansion plans, Mr. Deepak Agarwal, Co-Founder of Novasatum, said, “We already have a neu. Farm, a 10 million dollar agri-brand in our portfolio. We shall be entering breakfast and the healthy snacking range with our second brand. We are also raising a new definition of Agri and D2C technology and will be sharing the details soon.”

Novasatum not only targets D2C but are encouraging farmers to become traders while helping them with their agri-processing infrastructure complimented by Community Centres at Taluka level.  They believe that their development depends heavily on the growth of farmers and so they are moving to onboard farmers with an aim to scale quickly to over 1lac farmers in next 1 year. is currently operational in Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and they are soon launching in Maharashtra, Karnataka & Rajasthan!   

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