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Author Sunil Kimidi launched his debut novel “124”

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Youngest author Sunil Kimidi launched his debut novel on amazon. He was very happy that his childhood dream came true. Sunil has been specializing in writing since the age of six. But it took a long time for him to show this skill to the world. But he shared his talent with everyone through his first book “124”. 

His father (Mr.Rama Rao Kimidi) was very supportive by giving him various books. His brothers Sudheer, Sandeep and Santhosh helped him on this book journey. He has given us a very emotional story through this book. 

Based on some events in his life, he turned the book into a fictional story. But he also shared some real scenes with us. There are two important characters in this book. One is his mother (Mani mala) and the other is his girlfriend (Sushma). He said that their characters will make a great impression on the readers.

The love he has for his mother is beautifully described in this story.  The circumstances of what would have happened if his mother and girlfriend had met each other when he encountered a rare problem made him write this book.

He asked us to find out the meaning of “124” through the book. He said “Love is always precious. It’s appearance changes according to the way one thinks of it. In this generation no one values even a small sacrifice. That is why differences quickly come up in everyone. As a result, everyone begins to look down on love. Everyone is expressing obscene humor on love. I have conveyed the value of this love to everyone once again through this book. For that I also showed examples from my real life events. There are a total of 24 episodes in this book. Each episode delivers a message. I spent many nights waking up to write this emotional story.”

He said that an author is as great as a scientist who invents a useful thing. Because the author makes his stories entertaining to all the readers. Sunil was also hoping to see if anyone would spend time reading his stories. He designed each of his stories with the same idea. He gave a message to those who associate love with money and those who use love to satisfy lustful desires.

There is no doubt that every boy wants a wife who loves him like his mother and every girl wants a husband who looks like his father. He also receives such love in his real life. There can be nothing greater than the mother’s heart. He added “I cannot be satisfied no matter how many books I write to share such love with everyone. I am confident that I will bring fame and fortune to my parents through this book. Please get your copy from amazon and start your journey with my emotional thriller.” Let us wish him good luck and great success.

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