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Junior DPS – The Best Experiential Learning Preschool in India.

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Established in 2016, Junior DPS now stands amongst the leaders in pre-schooling education. More than 200 branches in 20 states across the nation that mushroomed in a very short span of 5 years make us India’s fastest growing preschool. Mr.Vishva Deepak Gupta, Chairman of Junior DPS had the vision of providing the finest education to the young children for the future India.  

Offering the best education via both online and offline mode, ensuring the best nurturing and comprehensive development of children in their formative years, and commitment and determination towards high-quality education has ascended Junior DPS to the national level.

Junior DPS, a Corporate Member of Early Childhood Association (ECA), has set exceptional standards in the ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) by developing a holistic approach towards child development through its innovative pedagogy with a well-structured curriculum that makes the small learners productive and responsible in this rapidly evolving world.

Junior DPS is among those preschools whose commitment and determination towards delivering high-quality education and appropriate nurturing to children has ascended its name to the national level. We believe in providing a warm and nurturing environment that caters to all the developmental needs of our early learners so that they reach their full potential and that meets the expectations of every parent.

Junior DPS also takes pride to be India’s first virtual school and has excelled in catering services and facilities of conventional schools through online mode. Our way of teaching involves the best methods available and is sprinkled with basic moral values that lead to small learners becoming productive and responsible in this rapidly evolving world.

Junior DPS uses its unique Junior Integrated Learning (JIL) programme, which has been thoroughly researched and precisely prepared. JIL takes advantage of this excellent and effective instrument by carefully blending play activities with learning, resulting in improved comprehension on the side of the children.

JIL incorporates a variety of learning methods to ensure that the children learn in a way that is simple and comfortable for them. The curriculum also addresses a variety of developmental domains for early learners, such as

  1. Language Development.
  2. Cognitive Development.
  3. Motor Development.
  4. Life Skills Development.
  5. Social-Emotional Development.
  6. Creativity Development

The play-way approach used by Junior DPS focuses on ensuring that all of the above-mentioned developmental domains are addressed through activities conducted within the premises. Because catering to all stages of development is more important for an early learner’s well-being.

We also feel that if a child is not moving, he or she is not learning. That is why STEAM labs are an important part of our JIL programme, as they provide activity-based out-of-classroom learning that instils 21st-century skills, the 4 Cs – 

Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking 

All of these efforts are aimed at two goals: providing holistic development for children and fulfilling our children’s right to proper and appropriate nurturing in order to make our country’s future brighter. 

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