Eminent personalities grace Elite Book Awards Annual Carnival 2021 with insightful talk sessions

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Elite Book Awards has been giving a remarkable platform to budding literary enthusiasts and artists to showcase their talents and creativity ever since its inception in the middle of 2021. EBA honors and recognizes passionate literary stalwarts and artistic souls by presenting the right branding and exposure to make their work stand out from their contemporaries and carve a niche for themselves in the creative world. After successfully conducting 2 seasons, Elite Book Awards along with their media partner and India’s most trusted digital media agency Digital Golgappa launched Elite’s Annual Carnival of Art and Literature that embarked on from 5th November 2021 and continued till 31st December 2021. The Carnival was a huge affair with numerous intriguing events, intellectual guest speaker sessions, book talks, book giveaways, art and literary competitions, prestigious award events etc. The international carnival saw people participating from various corners of the world- From India to Nepal, Nigeria to USA, Poland to Italy. Numerous distinguished art and literary personalities graced the Carnival and delivered intriguing talk sessions on literature, books and art. The speakers who enlightened the carnival with their words are:

Madhurima Guruju: Madhurima is an educator and artist who hails from Hyderabad. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situation and pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poetry and stories. She delivered insightful talk sessions on “ An Insight into Visual Arts and its Career Prospects” and  “Is Poetry becoming a neglected genre compared to fiction and non-fiction work?”

Indira Guha Patra:  Indira Guha Patra is an emerging writer whose fiery language skill have won readers’ hearts. Her books include ‘Chasing Dreams,’ ‘The Promise,’ ‘Baby Fights Corona’, and ‘The Veil of Disguise.’ She loves experimenting and never limits her imagination within a particular genre. She gave an interesting talk session on  “Crime Thrillers- Rising Popularity and Impact among readers” 

Dr Romila Chitturi: Dr Romila Chitturi is a Writer-Blogger- Reader -Poetess -Author- Book reviewer, Editor-Columnist- Entrepreneur- Program Head- Teacher- Masterclass Guru- Guest Speaker. She owns, edits and publishes a magazine (digital and hard copy) on literature and art titled “Unicorn” launched in July 2020. She is also Programme Head (India) of Ukiyoto Publishing, a traditional global publishing house based in Hyderabad. She graced EBA Carnival with a beautiful session on “Professions in Literature- How to prepare yourselves for them?” and also did a book talk on her latest book “ A Bowl of Soul Curry”

A S Sethupathi: A S Sethupathi is a Civil, Structural Engineer cum Architect, Blogger, House Plans Creator, You Tuber, Vastu Consultant and an Awards winning Nonfiction Book Author. His talk session on “Impact of Non-Fiction Books among Readers “was praiseworthy. 

Surabhi Naik: Surabhi Naik is an author of 7 books: Inward shelf, Born to live, seven Vibgyor musings, Flying contrails, Emblem of soul, A World beyond a World and The Camellia Blossoms. She loves music and art and has done her masters in clinical psychology. She gave an informative talk session on “Importance of Psychology in Self Help Books”

Sarbajit Chowdhury: Sarbajit Chowdhury is an author and Guest Lecturer at St. Xavier’s college Burdwan and Cyber Research Institute. He has been awarded eight awards for his DEBUT BOOK. He gave an enriching talk session on “Impact of Bengali Literature in Indian Literary World”

Pratik Premraj Bhala: Pratik Premraj Bhala is a 21-year-old million view story creator and a celebrity author of award-winning poetry book Shabdon ka Safarnama. He is co-author in more than 150 books and earn around 27 literature awards. He gave a powerful session on “An insight into Patriotic Literature”

Ka’Ron Gaines: Ka’Ron Gaines is an author who is rising globally with his first book. He has been gaining recognition from all over the world with his wonderful children’s book Woke Seed. He also created the word “Woke Seed” being the first person on the planet to put those two words together for a creation. Woke Seed: A conscious being that spreads enlightenment for others to enrich themselves. The global star spoke at length about his beautiful book “Woke Seed” and gave everyone an insight into the book. 

Richa Kumari: Richa Kumari is an  Amazon Best Selling Author, record holder for writing a unique book “Those Fallen Breadcrumbs” in India Book of Records titled “Unique Book on life experiences based on scientific facts”. She is a painter, TEDx Speaker, Mrs Asia Universe, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Robotics Enthusiast and Social Worker. She represented India at NASA Kennedy Space Centre Florida in 2013 for the “Nasa Lunabotics Mining Competition. She gave a wonderful session on her bestselling debut book “Those Fallen Breadcrumbs”.

Elizabeth Akinniyi: Elizabeth akinniyi is a passionate who lives in Lagos Nigeria. She’s an award-winning poet, writer, life-coach and a business woman.  She uses her writing to motivate, educate, inspire, entertain her readers. She graced Poemstarella- A poetic concoction of words and gave a glimpse of some of her beautiful poetic pieces. 

Rasika Ramesh Sawarkar: Rasika Ramesh Sawarkar is Award Winning Author from Nagpur. She is medical student and An Artist. She is Founder of Rescued by Taffy which works for the well-being and treatment of street animals. She Is published in 80+ books till now. She spoke on Art as a Therapy. 

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee: Sumana, a small-town girl from Dhanbad is a simple girl who wishes to bring changes in society. In order to be the change, she accomplished herself as teacher. She established herself as an author with the publication of her first book Life Through my Eyes available at leading online sites like Amazon. From then she took forward her legacy of writing by working as co-author with some of the esteemed publication houses. She graced Poemstarella- A poetic concoction of words and gave a glimpse of some of her beautiful poetic pieces.

Shivi Goyal: Contemporary Indian poet, author, and winner of several author awards, Shivi Goyal is challenging and questioning the norms in society and spreading love by her blockbuster books that are ruling national and international marketplaces. She is a multi-faceted life, who is an inspiration to the millennials. She is the author of two individual books (Check her books: Words Unsaid… & Love vs= Weed on Amazon.) and 8 anthologies in her kitty. Additionally, she is well known as Author on Travel and taking travel enthusiasts to unknown places with her blogs at and other social media platforms. She delivered an enriching session on “Power of Women centric literature”

Twisha Ray: Twisha Ray started writing at an early age and is a computer science engineer by profession, but now she has different perspectives of life and has taken up writing as a hobby. Writing few books helped her cope with the negativity in her life and it became a passion to express and seek rejoice in writing. She delivered an insightful session on “Renaissance Literature vs Modern Literature-an analysis”

Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla: SA Gayatri has sustained in the literature world by creating a small space for herself with over 25+ published works across different anthologies. Her forte includes poetry, musings and short stories. From environment to IT, she has written articles across various platforms. With her upcoming book, she has been awarded with the pride of India award followed by her nomination in top 100 inspiring youth of India. She graced Poemstarella- A poetic concoction of words and gave a glimpse of some of her beautiful poetic pieces.

Samata Dey Bose: Samata Dey Bose is a Writer, Compiler, Creator, Content Developer, Book Critic and Blogger. She is the founder of the online portal She has previously worked in banks and dedicated her services to one of India’s most prominent private sector banks. She wanted to pursue something distinct and decided to discontinue her eminent banking appointment. Thus, she began her odyssey in content writing and creativeness. Her session on Blogging: Tips and Tricks was highly informative. 

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar: RajasekharTMK is an Engineer, Researcher and Writer from Andhra Pradesh who has bagged multiple awards for his research work and writings. He also bagged many national and international awards and fellowships from various technical organisations like WRC (world research council), INSC (Indian institute of scholars) and IEEE. etc. The multi-talented author delivered an insightful session on “Impact of Vernacular literature in Indian Literary World”


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