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It’s not just a destination, it’s a journey- The brother-sister duo on Gambit Enclave calling for nominations of best achievers category award for 2021.

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It’s not just a destination, it’s a journey- The brother-sister duo on Gambit Enclave calling for nominations of best achievers category award for 2021.

Gambit Enclave as a part of its mission for recognizing young talents across Asia has opened up the floor for nominations for the best achievers category. Archie Upadhyay is the manager for Gambit Enclave and an aspiring social media influencer and blogger. Gambit Enclave, she said, is a visible manifestation of strong ethics, humanity, communication, and greatness. If one wakes up each morning believing that the future will be brighter, they are in the right place. Bringing to the table what the world most desperately needs: recognition for the deserving and a voice for the voiceless. Nihshank, an Indian child prodigy, has frequently been observed thanking his family for their unwavering support in his ideas and beliefs. 

 Nihshank Upadhyay the Founder of the solution-driven ecosystem shared that “The Gambit Enclave is not just a destination. It’s a journey. One which helps you go and grow through life. We help you enjoy the process of life, aiming for excellence. Nurturing talents, acknowledging the deserving, and significant networking are the core principles of the organization. A Sustainable body, with the law in the mind and justice in its soul, we can finally say that the revolution has arrived! Electrified to bring in India’s 1st Sustainable and Solution Driven Eco System.” Nihshank also shared that he was happy to receive his sister’s support for the project.

The criteria for awards have also been clarified by the organization: Anyone who feels that they have made a significant contribution to their field of interest and has attained a majority as per the Indian Law can apply for the awards. Your achievements from that field or your contributions to the same are the basic criteria for your selection. Decisions regarding your selection are binding and made on a case to case basis. In case you are below the age of 18 or a minor your parents can apply for the awards.

Speaking on using empowerment as a fundamental pillar for the organization, Gambit Enclave in a former press release stated that “Empowerment is a psychological and social notion that is founded on psychological and social aspects. We want to honour the deserving, encourage the gifted, and support those who strive to fulfil their aspirations and goals. We help people improve their self-esteem and leadership abilities. By providing an unbiased review of the continually evolving justice system, the goal is to assist people all around the world and bridge existing barriers. We are committed to reducing the stigmas and barriers that stand in the way of achieving fundamental human rights and humanity’s empowerment.”

Nihshank had also released a statement saying that empowerment and enrichment go hand in hand- “We commit to promoting and supporting a diverse range of lifestyles and alternative job options that promote humanitarian principles. To truly enrich individuals, the organisation thinks that true information should be distributed through research and communication. In order to enhance the world and contribute to the construction of a sustainable and prosperous eco system, we also intend to engage with various cultures and communities. We are devoted to promoting peace and seek to establish long-term collaborations in this area.”

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