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Paulius Stankevicius advances Stankevicius MGM into investor relations consulting

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In 2020, Stankevicius MGM was designated as a professional public relations and advertising firm. Now in 2021, CEO and founder Paulius Stankevicius has re-modelled the company’s structure into a public relations and investor relations consulting firm, aiming to help clients to raise capital for their projects and companies.

Stankevicius MGM is no doubt a very strong public relations firm which managed to raise over $500M USD for clients in 2018 through professional PR and advertising strategies to influence investors. Now, the firm is refocusing its specialty into pure investor relations and capital raising key areas. 

CEO, Paulius Stankevicius wants to cross a record of $1 billion USD in capital raising for clients by mid of 2022. The firm has signed off new clients to assist in capital raising and has started actively hiring investor relations associate staff. Stankevicius MGM is working closely and is connected with very large companies worldwide with extensive financial capabilities. 

Currently, the firm assists clients in document drafting, corporate presentation drafting, building corporate advisory boards, building a strong team for projects, and linking clients with reputable private equity investors, venture capitalists and angels.

It is informed to the public that Stankevicius MGM is looking to hire 50 new employees for investor relations matters. Positions are available to check via the company’s LinkedIn profile.

Stankevicius MGM is aggressively pushing corporate banks and large financial institutions into its clients’ advisory boards. Stankevicius makes the project or company become investable for investors. Having positive client reviews, Stankevicius is looking to generate faster business growth than earlier during the 2017-2018 market boom. 

After the early announcement by CEO Paulius Stankevicius earlier this year in regards to Stankevicius Group going public, there have been numerous discussions with undisclosed parties for a merger between Stankevicius and the undisclosed party. Stankevicius Group will be announcing further public offering details or merger details in late Q4 2021.

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