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Deepak Chandran Brings Innovative Thinking to Energy Infrastructure

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Deepak Chandran cares about bringing energy to the world in a way that is automated, efficient, and effective.

To understand his impact, we first need to understand how energy automation works. Advanced automation and analytic programs can help control a power grid consisting of different energy inputs in industrial applications. These programs allow self-directed energy projects to use energy more efficiently. Smart sensors can analyze real-time energy performance while more advanced tech allows associated machines to work most efficiently, to minimize the energy usage overall.

This isn’t just a pipe dream; these automation mechanics are crucial for everyday living, and help keep the lights on. Energy efficiency is the blending of automation, intelligent energy storage, intelligent breakers and progressive technologies working systematically together.

Deepak is the President & CTO of Iris Energy LLC, a New Jersey-based company that builds products with intelligence to cater to the needs of any discrete or process manufacturing industry globally. IRIS provides an enterprise with a complete management and operation ecosystem, without any proprietary or closed systems, and can be remotely installed and configured.

Much of his success has simply come from fortitude and perseverance. “With conviction, self-leadership, and motivation, I persuaded and sought out opportunities with businesses and individuals who shared my views, and when you look deeply and with a conviction for something, you will find it, and I found mine. I have been lucky enough to hold prestigious positions and titles commensurate with my entrusted job. During my tenure, I caused some disruptions. I was successful in most of my attempts and always stuck to my core innovation proficiency. I have helped build business organizations, funded and built several of mine, been involved in obtaining venture funds for my own and other startups.”

Iris, in the USA, has primarily been a company with an emphasis on Innovation, Research, and Development, and usually conducted contracted research for “imagined, and non-existing products” for medium to large corporations, so was never consumer-facing.

In 2019, Iris started developing a range of Intelligent Sensors suitable for the Oil/Gas/ Chemical/Mining industries but can also be used in any plant that manufactures anything. A comprehensive range of products that enable Prescriptive Maintenance for Tribology applications, AI / NN based IIoT Platforms, Holographic protocols, voice, autonomous robots to perform routine maintenance, and various in-house algorithms and processes to enable these products and solutions was developed, covering the entire spectrum from the hardware to the Platform (in-house). These solutions can be hosted on any cloud or premise or universally integrated with any application, ERP, or custom requirement.

The legacy of Iris started around 30 years ago as “Brain & Iris” in 1995, and by 2003 had eight verticals. Five verticals were shut down because of being too ahead of time and continued with three. ”What I shut down is now gaining traction, and I hope to complete it all in the next decade” says Deepak. Iris has brought products that conserve and are energy efficient and have built and delivered several products and won several accolades in that arena. Iris Energy now boasts of sensors that do not use batteries to power themselves, thus continuing the “Innovation paradigm.”

Deepak took office at Iris Energy in 2015. ” I realized we were sitting on excellent products and services, some very futuristic. We were just in time to deliver and keep the wheel of success ongoing to help the communities and industries we serve and, more broadly, the people among them. I realized we had a deep responsibility to our environment and our planet.”

Deepak’s world is industrial automation, and he has significant thoughts on where this world is moving. “The future of Industrial Automation has already moved beyond “industry 4.0” to “industry 5.0,” which is now in the adoption stage. Human collaboration with robots or human-centered interaction with robots will be the new wave. I had envisaged and predicted this a decade ago, and Iris’s website front page already visualizes this. Robotics and cyber-physical systems integration within industrial products/processes will become a de-facto requirement for products or services of the future. Voice as a key biometric input will drive and form a major noninvasive PII (personally identifiable information) when factored with zero knowledge proof-based systems to give rise to a lot of interesting methods to perform commonly performed transactional authentication.”

Deepak personally sees himself inventing and contributing to society in the next five years with Industrial and Aquaculture/ Aggrotech/ Environ/Specific Health Tech and Industry 5.0-related products and Platforms. Deepak also sees that IRIS Energy will gain traction and grow as a leading player to provide Industry 5.0-enabled experiences, products, and systems.

“Iris has grown 100 percent year over year since its operations in the USA, except for the year 2017 and 2020, and we see triple-digit growth in the coming years. With more human resources, we can contribute to the economic growth of the United States, accelerate manufacturing to become more self-reliant, and thus contribute to our society and our community. Iris is now focusing on scalability building as we have significant orders in hand and offers from our various customers globally. It’s a challenge of growth, and I am confident that we will be able to surpass and overcome this challenge, too.”


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