Dreams Have No Boundaries – Kavita Gujjar

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Here is Kavita Gujjar’s inspiring story in her own words:

Born in a place where it was hard to find a peace place for deep thoughts to write but my family was fond of reading different stories and the habit of reading was generated genetically. Somehow, my writing skills developed in a crowded city Yamuna Nagar. Since childhood I was good at writing but never thought that I could be a professional writer. I had small dreams of just been happy in my life.   During my college time I got engaged in many physical activities too where I got chance to play the cricket till the district level and also represent Khalsa college, Yamuna Nagar in intercollege gymnastics. These were the some of the cherish moments of my life. I was still in the college when I got married and became a housewife. After so many years of marriage I started to earn as I had started a small business but of course that was not my dream occupation. I started writing little poems at starting in my free time and then improved myself in so many ways, especially my reading more and more poetries of famous Indian writers such as Atal Bihari Bajpai ji. This is the person whom I admire and he is my inspiration too. His poetry touched my heart very deep. Somewhere,  deep in my heart still a writer was budded and grew even more are some incidents of my life.

I had spent several years of my life as a house wife and finally took an initiative by writing and I started representing my thoughts in my writing pieces. After that I wrote some fictions too. But the platform where I could start was still not found by me. Then finally I got introduced to a well known app which was my first step towards writing something for people where I had written a series named “Jismani Ishq” that is an interesting romantic story which shows the love in of this modern era and the ups and downs in ones life where many people found it realistic and got some heart touching vibes. I had also posted many poetries on different topics and won prizes and certificates for the respective positions. By all this, I got encouraged even more after seeing that the people have loved it a lot more than my expectations.I had never thought that my thoughts will be loved by people in such a large extent. After this, I realized that my writing skills is not worthless and the level of motivation that I experienced was amazing. So, this was a turning point of my life and after that I got pumped by my beloved ones to write more for people and for there love.

Now, it is the time for you to show your love and support to this book as this book is dedicated to all the readers who have been following me since long and of course to all the new readers too as they are my strength and motivation to achieve my goals.

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