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Book Square Publisher a Sub Brand Of Publishing Experts. Based in Punjab and India’s leading Publisher.

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It was founded by Samridhi Kapoor, the youngest founder of publishing industry. The various services offered by Book Square Publisher is Publishing of anthologies, Print On Demand, Imprint, Designing, ISBN Number, Proof Reading, ETC.

Most of the days , we don’t believe that youngsters starting something will take them to an extended way.Or Now a days, there are a lot of publications in market and if we check them out, most of them are expensive for beginners and they are not providing proper quality .Admiring all this Book Square Publisher is the one which is going best.
Fortunately, Book Square is one among them and it’s went way long that anyone would have expected. Their hardwork and success made them to be one among the Best Publisher.

They faced many competitions but came on top all the time. They were not supported by anyone in their initials as no one believed that teenagers can do good at professional terms but Book Square Publishers today manages many recognised publications that are dependent on them for their services.They are good in analysing complex data in order to draw clear and simple conclusions. Book Square is just the result of her founder loving and down to Earth Behavior They are growing internationally too.
. Today 20+ publications are taking service’s from the Book Square Publisher and that they built themselves totally during this lockdown which is very appreciated.

Book Square may be a perfect example that age doesn’t matter, If you’re good in your work, you’ll win and nothing can Stop you.

Contact Book Square Publisher via:-
WhatsApp:- +91 7696111604
Email ID:-
Instagram:- @booksquarepublisher

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