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Amit Singh Chandel develops an online course selling website for Cure By Mother Nature Foundation.

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Amit Singh Chandel and his digital marketing agency, dot it worked on an online course selling website to help MR. Tejpal Singh, founder of Cure By Mother Nature Foundation. The NGO works on curing patients and through naturopathy for free. Also, it teaches people about the art of naturopathy. So, Amit and his team developed a website where people can buy the courses made by the NGO. The website is helping hundreds of people to learn naturopathy since the first month of its launch.

Amit Singh Chandel develops an online course selling website for Cure By Mother Nature Foundation.
Amit Singh Chandel develops an online course selling website for Cure By Mother Nature Foundation.

Amit Singh Chandel is the director of ‘dot it’, a digital marketing agency. He is a digital marketing expert and also the best music marketer of 2021. Apart from all these things he is also a website developer. Being a project of CBMNature with dot it, Amit worked on it and made it the most successful part of Cure By Mother Nature Foundation.
Mr. Tejpal Singh is the founder and director of the CBMNature platform as well as the Cure By Mother Nature Foundation. He is a naturopathy consultant and he has cured thousands of patients for free. He is continuing his charity services even today and has no plans to stop. Through the effective methods of naturopathy which are hardly known to people, he has cured very serious diseases like COVID-19. He understood that these ways and techniques need to be taught to people. Having Amit Singh Chandel and his digital marketing company, he hired them to get the platform developed for him.
Credits to the teammate of Amit, Nikhil Kashyap who was also a beneficiary of Mr. Tejpal’s services, that this project happened. He suggested the deal both ways and made it happen.

Cure By Mother Nature Foundation,

Now, is an online learning platform that provides ‘Lifestyle education’ to people. It teaches how people can quit their medicines completely and use just their food to cure them and also prevent diseases.
Dot it by Amit Singh Chandel is a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of people, companies, and organizations to meet their digital needs. They have a variety of services like digital marketing, website development, app development, brand building, public relations, promotions, lead generation, and many more. The founder and director, Amit Singh Chandel is also the young digital marketer of India and the best music marketer in 2021.
The platform, developed by Amit Singh Chandel is a very rarely seen kind of platform. And of course, the content of the platform is the king. The results of the project started within the first month of the website launch where thousands of visitors enrolled for the courses there and got their certificates too.

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