Vishwas Vaidya- A Creative Cocktail of Engineering Innovations Powered by Poetry and Literature

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Vishwas Vaidya is your friendly neighborhood poet, who cherishes his engineering innovations dotting the journey of his life. Brought-up in a middle-class Pune neighborhood, he grew up as a math-loving child who hated language studies. After passing out M. Tech. in control engineering from IIT Delhi, he was inspired to strengthen his language skills. This was necessary to scale the corporate ladder. In this journey, he stumbled upon literary giants like Tagore, Khalil Gibran, and Chekov. Their influence enlightened him to connect the dots linking literature and engineering creations as merely two different facets of an innovative spirit. Before he could realize it, he too started composing poetry in the same genre as his icon Tagore.

Initially, many expressed doubts if his poems were stolen Tagore creations, merely posted in his name (this could be easily refuted through a cursory google search). As his poetry attracted global readers, the chorus for him getting published grew every passing day. This led publication of his first poetry book “Symphony of the Night-flower” by Aasra Publications USA. This book reached all four corners of the globe. As a tribute to his poems, some readers translated them into their own mother-tongues such as Turkish, Portuguese, Albanian, and French. Prompted by this success he has published one more poetry book “Garden of Dreams” by AABS Publishing House Kolkata. He has recently co-authored a crime fiction novel “Within the Cocoon of Love” with Meena Mishra.

His creative literary pursuits fostered creative thinking in him leading to ground-breaking engineering innovations during his professional journey as an engineering research professional. This was manifested through numerous international research papers/patent applications. One of his engineering articles is translated into German

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