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Before his brilliant eCommerce career was born, Goh Rong Yao was stuck working in an uninspiringly dull engineering career. And, although that would be considered “the dream” by many aspiring engineers, Goh Rong Yao had decided that, finally, it was time to take matters into his own hands, and it was time for a major lifetime change.

Starting In Brand Building – Turntable Turnabout

When looking at the world of entrepreneurship and eCommerce, things can seem rather daunting and, while they can be matters of a business’ life and death, they’re usually what keep people away from the field as a whole.

Goh Rong Yao wasn’t one of those to turn around and walk away, however! He looked at the possible risks of the field he intended to enter at the start, and decided that, yes, this is important and worth enough for him to be risking his livelihood over – and the price which he had to pay at the start, such as quitting his old engineering job, has now turned into a massive profit overall.

Importance Of Brand Building – Helping Hand

Brand building in eCommerce is, as a trade, the very focus point of helping others become bigger than they could ever initially imagine – and that’s what originally drew Rong Yao into the field he currently works in!

Helping others means helping the industry, and helping the industry means helping the overall global businesses in that particular field as well as related fields! Most people can’t even fathom how important people like Goh Rong Yao are to the fields they work in, and yet Rong Yao and people like him are, ultimately, the very lifeblood of the fields they meddle in.

The brilliance which Goh Rong Yao possesses is what makes him as great as he is! The fact that he can see any situation from multiple different angles and perspectives is an ability which not many possess! And, with a great intuition coupled with an incredibly open mind, he is able to withstand whatever challenges are thrown at him or his clients.

Brand Building And Its Implications – Doing Your Best

Building a massively popular social media empire is no easy feat, and any person with even the most basic of knowledge on social media will agree with the statement. Thankfully, getting to know the rather infernally complicated algorithms of social media and such platforms can be done, especially if you have an affinity for puzzles, mind games, and global charisma.

With an overall bright mind, a deep love for even the most complex of problems, and plenty of valuable charisma under his belt, Rong Yao was able to raise himself from the depths of obscurity to the brilliant overhead lights of relevance – and he has done the exact same for the people which he works with as well!

Brand Building And Motivation – Trusting Your Gut

The world in which Goh Rong Yao meddles in is a dangerous one – devastating, yet elusive risks lurk at every corner, and every end of a street seems to end in unnerving darkness. However, the world of eCommerce isn’t all doom and gloom! Just this year, Goh Rong Yao has managed to get enough money from his hard work to actually create bigger, better businesses from, once again, pretty much zero!



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