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Padmaja Bharti, a designer-cum-author, believes in the path rather than the destination. She thinks that the destination will satisfy human beings and stagnate while the path allows us to acquire the free flow of knowledge.

She has chosen writing as a source of energy and relaxation. She wants to preserve those smiling pieces of paper as her impressive carvings.

She sees writing as her future, and she wants to promote writing as a trendy track.

Her favorite piece of writing is not yet published. But she believes her creative skills always give a unique understanding with several meanings that many have always liked.

Her bestseller book, “Rhime of Time,” is a compilation of her poetic means, which delivers 75 poems about mother nature, human behavior, love, relationships, and hope, available on Amazon, Kindle, and soon available in oxford book stores.

Her first book, “Wondering of Indian International Ethics” which has a great message of Indian ethical values, is also available at Amazon, Flipkart, and soon will be available in crossword book stores.

Padmaja Bharti believes literacy has a great value whose roots are deep within the culture and traditions of India. She cannot live without a few things, which are making her writing trendy and glamorous. Those are pens, papers, colors, cameras, mobile phones, sanitizers, and face masks in this difficult COVID time.

Padmaja Bharti describes her life’s happiest moments in her words, “House of an old clock, uncountable waves in that river bank and those memorable echo sounds in her jungle track.”

In her above words, she is explaining her hometown, which she still feels connected.

Padmaja Bharti’s future long-term plan is to open an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) to support women, and her short-term plan is to take up writing as a profession and turn it more trendy and futuristic.

For making writing as trendy and futuristic, she wishes to mix up her knowledge acquired during her graduation from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) to add a pinch of glamour in her writing.

Padmaja Bharti firmly believes that learning new things will never end in anyone’s life and considers that every day is a new beginning to learn.

Padmaja Bharti work’s glimpses have got broad appreciation by many, and readers can experience her work through her virtual media platform on Instagram @padmaja0011.


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