Alakananda Pramanik is a multifaceted woman referred to as ‘Supermom’.

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Alakananda Pramanik is a bestselling Author, Storyteller, Actor, and a multifaceted woman referred to as ‘Supermom’. With over 35 years of work experience, Alakananda is currently a working professional in Credit Control of an IT company and Honorary Vice President – Strategic Initiative of an e-Learning Platform, Soulitaire. She is also an Expert Storyteller with Success Psyche.

She is one of the top ‘Woman Achiever 2020’. Her Biography, ‘The Journey – A Memoire of an Emerged Woman’ has been published in the book ‘Shining Diva 2020’ by Literoma.

She is honored with ‘AUTHOR ACHIEVER 2020’ Award in the Literoma’s Achiever Award 2020 and featured in the Cover Story of ‘CULTURE FLASH’ International Magazine of Literoma Inc, Oct’20 issue.

Alakananda’s recent book ‘SOUL STIRRER’, collection of real life short stories has received critical acclaim.

She has also co-authored in Soulitaire’s

  • Quoting Scribblers & Quoting Scribblers II, both Anthologies of Quotes
  • Harmonious Symphonies & Harmonious Symphonies II, both Anthologies of poems (English)
  • Kaavyarooh – Anthology of poems (Hindi)
  • Nano – collection of Micro tales


  • Written on the Stars – collection of short stories by Starwords India
  •  Audio Story & Poetry Book by Literoma

She has acted in short films:

  • ‘Sujog – The Opportunity’ (Bengali)
  • ‘Shakti – The Strength within’ (Hindi)
  • ‘Rupali’ – based on one of the stories from her book ‘Soul Stirrer’. (She has given her voice in this illustrated film).

As a Soulitarian, Alakananda has organized & hosted several Open Mic Events & workshops successfully in Kolkata.

She is a Storyteller and Peoples person, who inspires people with her stories. She believes in ‘Living dreams as nothing is impossible’ and finds solace in music, painting and reading.

Serving those in need selflessly comes naturally to her as she deeply believes that ‘Divinity resides in all beings’.

Checkout her Book:


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