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Madhurima Guruju – the rising multi-talented gem of the literary industry will be back soon!

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Madhurima Guruju is a rising multi-talented gem of the literary industry. She is a writer, poet, educator, artist, and certainly one of the most brave fighters. She is currently facing medical issues but we are sure she will be back pretty soon and the readers will not have to wait too much for her novel ‘When Love Lasts. ‘

Madhurima has been cherishing the success of her poetry book Musings and Memories, achieving positive acclaim and accolades by reviewers in the world of literary arts

Since then her passion towards writing been outrageously taking flight as she had spread wings to pen down a debut novel “When Love Lasts”. Whilst the preparation of the manuscript with attractive illustrations, however according to the sources which had revealed that Madhurima is severely down with health complications.

“She was tested covid positive and being an asthmatic patient, her immunity dropped low but she surely came back as fighter and been working hard to recover”

It’s been nearly a month since we last saw the update of her novel. While readers have already begun questioning the sudden impede and some assumptions came to the surface that she had quit the work for how brutally had been trolled about acknowledging Rahul Subramanian out loud.

“We know such remarks do sting her hardwork. But to make things clear, Madhurima is focusing on her health. As soon as she recovers, she would get back to the work” adds by source.

Madhurima has been clearly seen active on Instagram but with certain factors regarding health raised many concerns. Irrespective of what the situation, she has decided to fight back. On this regard, we wish her good health and good luck.


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