Leekthough: The Latest Rap Sensation From Chicago

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Over the past few decades, the music industry has been growing steadily. It has evolved from a variety of genres and in today’s world we see entirely new hybrid genres that emerge from the blend of two classics. The new generation has brought about this change and is continuing to build on it as we progress. Leekthough is one of those artists with his blends of old school hip hop with classical instrumentals, have surely made his music all the more enticing to its listeners.

The 27 year old, Chicago based artist has been making waves in the music industry in recent times. Leekthough has been slowly and steadily climbing the success ladder and is continuing on his way up. Leekthough has worked not only as a rapper, but also a producer, a songwriter and even as a vocalist.

His songs have soulful lyrics that help him gain access to the public eye along with a catchy beat. His inspiration for the music he makes is usually his life experiences. His ultimate goal is to spread joy and happiness via his music. He is passionate, goal oriented and a hard worker.

One of the consistent themes that he has been obsessed with is aestheticism and minimalism. The contradictory nature of the complexities present in the lyrics that he presents, compared to how the main theme seems to be aesthetic minimalism is exactly what seems to draw the youth in.

Inspirational music, growth in his journey and his attitude towards his career and his passion, all these are the elements that have helped him acquire the fan following he has achieved today.

He has over 124k+ followers on instagram alone. He is quite photogenic and frequently uploads his modelling photos over different social media handles.

His stage name may be Leekthough, but his real name is William Malik Harris. Born on January 5, 1995, he was born and brought up in Chicago. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He has been brought up in a world thoroughly influenced by music, his parents and his surroundings along with his passion were all a motivating force that led him to where he is today.

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