Suhani Gandhi Makeovers ; Under Top 5 Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

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A makeup artist’s journey usually starts from being a child who loved to change her own makeup to an adult who made her career in this field and Suhani was no different. She is a Master Cosmetologist who has worked with clients big and small, from individuals to artists. She is always learning the newest techniques and has been known for her attention to detail. According to Suhani, one of the most important aspects of applying makeup is to use a tone that complements your skin and with her ever-expanding artist’s palette, Suhani has the ability to create just the right tone for your mood. She has earned the title of a makeup artist who has spent years mastering her technique and is dedicated to creating looks that will enhance a client’s natural beauty. Her aesthetic combines flawless craftsmanship with an editorial edge, drawing on inspiration as varied as classic red-carpet glamour, the vibrant vividness of Brazilian art and architecture, and soft femininity. Suhani approaches makeup application with a passion for artistry and perfectionism, coupled with attentiveness to the specific requirements that a client has in mind—whether those be corporate, bridal, or personal. She believes that enhancing sun kissed glow and natural beauty is the key to great makeup. Her love for bridal makeup comes from the sheer joy of being involved in one of the most important and happiest days of someone’s life. She feels so grateful every time she is asked to be a part of such an important milestone. While working, she has her eyes on everyone, but hands set on one, that is Perfection!


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