Irish artist Shelly Decibels takes the music world by storm, showing his incredible musical art.

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The young lad from Ireland is a rising singer and a musical artist who has recently caught massive attention in the industry.

There are tons of talented beings working across different sectors in the world, out of which a handful of them go ahead in crossing boundaries and pushing limits to reach their desired levels of success and momentum in their respective fields. This is a surreal sight to behold, looking at how most of them are youngsters who have been vying to make their mark in their chosen niches and make their name count in the celebrated list of professionals. The music industry of the world has so far given birth to so many such talented beings, but among them, a few rare gems stand tall and unique for reasons more than one. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredibly talented young singer and musical artist named Jack, known by his stage name Shelly Decibels.

Shelly Decibels hails from Dublin, Ireland, and is rising as one of the youngest musical talents from his country, who has been doing exceedingly well in the pop and rap genres in music. In just a short span, he has even proved his excellence in music with his electrifying songs like The Moon, Hit My Line, and Industry Freestyle, available on Spotify He confesses how his latest releases had a lot of influence from Juice and 24K Golden, who he considers great inspirations in his career.

Making pop and rap music is something he has found his peace and joy in. His passion for music also helped him earn massive streams on Spotify, stamping his name as one of the most promising Irish musical artists in the pop and rap genres. Still not out of school, Shelly Decibels has immersed himself in musical art and makes all his music from his home, but he is aware of his dreams and has realized his true purpose in life, which is to grow his music career and attain enormous success as a musical artist.

He is soon going to drop new releases called Slide and Swish soon. Shelly Decibels’ songs look increasingly promising, and we can’t wait for him to create more in the near future. Till then, follow him on Instagram @shellydecibels.


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