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Preserve, Protect, and Accumulate your real estate investments with “Fortune Group Turkey”

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“A great company is a great investment only when you pay the right price for it.”

“Investing for the future has never been more important than it is today. The recent financial storm has left many people shaken, and many more wondering if investing their hard-earned money is even worthwhile anymore. While this reaction is certainly understandable, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how bad things are, the economy will recover eventually. When that recovery begins, stocks and mutual funds may once again be the places to be, and those who were able to ride out the storm and keep investing may find themselves in an enviable position,” explains Adil Sami, Founder, and CEO of “Fortune Group Turkey,” an investment management company that issues securities and is primarily engaged in the business of investing in securities.

If you’re looking for experienced professionals to help you with your investments and financial planning, turning to Fortune Group Turkey is a great idea. This firm is set up to manage client wealth and advise on investment decisions to ensure clients grow their estates and realize financial success. They help their clients get the best results from their real estate portfolio and mitigate risk along the way. “Our unbiased real estate investment consultants are experts at navigating the nuanced decisions you face as you develop a strategy and manage your portfolio, from buying and selling existing real estate assets to planning a new development. We deliver the insights and experience needed to help private and institutional clients preserve, protect, and grow their commercial real estate portfolios,” claims Adil.

Fortune Group is known to be working with organizations across the globe to provide management services. They offer a variety of business and management consulting services that support your needs today while continuing to meet your needs in the future. Also, deliver a suite of solutions to support your growth plan and the optimization of your organization as a whole. Through their business and management consulting services, they will help you manage and improve your business operations cost-effectively, so you can focus on providing the highest quality services for your clients.

“By working with our business management consultants, you will experience all of the benefits of working with a large organization without the big-business feel,” says Adil. “Your team will receive the attention and personal customer service and support you deserve, as one would expect from a local business. We work closely with our clients to resolve complex business issues, execute special projects, and enhance performance across their entire organization.”

Being a Real Estate Advisor and substantially experienced, Adil Sami has an extensive background in real estate and has resources that extend far beyond the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate. He works in an advisory capacity to help you plan more strategically, and increase the value of your currently-owned or prospective real estate assets. He helps his clients identify investments that meet their needs; performs feasibility assessments; conducts due diligence; and supports them through all phases of the transaction from initial planning throughout the process to completion.

Mr. Adil believes in the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds and embraces a dynamic mix of ideas and talents that create an inclusive work environment. He is dedicated to creating opportunities in institutional real estate investment management for all individuals who seek to advance their careers, promoting a multicultural workforce where differences are valued, celebrated, and embraced.

Follow him on Instagram @adilsamiofficial


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