Celebrity and fashion photographer Mohit Singh Mehta of @themohitphotography fame now steps into the role of director

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Mohit Singh Mehta

It is said that art imitates life and this statement has been brought true with movies. Whatever you might call them movie, cinema, or film, they have always been a big part of mankind and the source of entertainment for all. Considering it is such a popular art form there are several who try their luck at it every year, some of them succeeding and some of them having a bit more to practice before they make it large. Recently there has been another name that has joined these ranks. Mohit Singh Mehta has found himself under the spotlight for his short film centered around society and its issues.

However, this isn’t the only art that Mohit Singh Mehta practices. This talented young man has already found success as a fashion and celebrity photographer going by the name of @themohitphotography. His team consists of several professionals providing a wide range of experimental as well as tried and tested photography services to both corporate houses as well as individuals and parties.

So, what was the reason behind Mohit Singh Mehta’s sudden fascination with filmography? The reason is far simpler than one would expect. “Those who have been following me both as a person and as a professional you will know that my long-term goal is to become one of the top fashion photographers and be enough of an influence that my work is considered to be a trendsetter for the industry. If I am to pursue this goal as fast as possible then there remains no difference between photography and filmography. Considering I already know my way around the camera it was only a short period before I made up my mind to speak up on the topic which really intrigued me while also standing as an achievement on my career path.”, he adds.

Well, we can say that Mohit Singh Mehta has surely made good on his goals and is already on the lookout for people to play parts in his film. As the film is based on a strong social message, he plans on recruiting talented individuals with whom he has already made connections and can himself attest to their capabilities. For such roles, there are many inline as Mohit Singh Mehta has worked with several popular names in the entertainment industry such as Jasmank, Sanjana Sanghi, Govinda, Mika Singh, DJ Gags, DJ Aqeel, DJ Chetas, DJ Zaden, Param Sahib, Js films, Shreya Mehta, DJ Gouri, and Perry Sheetal. Of course, he also does not have to worry much about sponsorship considering his cordial relations working with big brands such as Caprese, Adidas, Loreal, Nykaa and Bira.

The stage seems to be set for Mohit Singh Mehta, now it is just a matter of time before the world gets to see his creation. Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s next from Mohit Singh Mehta and @themohitphotography.

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