Alert the stans: Dilyer stevens Returns With New single, “Closure”. The return of the sovereign d!

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It’s difficult to find an artist quite like Dilyer in the Mozambican music space. As a musician, he was someone laden with potential and promise from the get-go; his earliest work – arriving back when he was just a young teen – lush with this grace and charm that’s only taken him to the upper echelon of Mozambiques music world throughout the three or so years since, and in everything he’s put out since then, he’s seemingly one-upped himself, growing into a more mature, well-rounded heavyweight bound for future stardom.

Then, there are the people that have latched onto his rise, and won’t be letting go anytime soon. He’s one of the few musicians that could sell out a run of headline dates before they’re even announced (it’s happened before, trust us), and with every single release this seems to grow, with the musician building an army of kinds comparable to those you’d expect from your big,

It’s subtle R&B mixed with bright-eyed pop, a two-stepping production expertly crafted by Bronze Avery (once again) forming the perfect underlay for Dilyer’s vocals, which continues to extend itself and evolve as time goes on. He really feels like a renowned R&B heavyweight on this track; finding every ounce of reflective emotion in its lyrics, and fleshing them out until it’s at its most present and amplified – something that takes a really incredible musician to do.

Dilyer stevens describes a love-hate relationship he had with his friends. The artist expresses the hurt one feels when friends believe rumors before asking the source. Dilyer stevens tries to achieve closure with friends regarding these rumors and accusations to no avail. Dilyer wants to go back to the old days when they were just friends and allegations were not being tossed around.

“Trying to hold on to all of the memories oh yeahIt’s so sad how friends come and go down in quicksand just wanna go back

Dilyer stevens realized that his friends were

disingenuous. His close friends believed terrible rumors about him that showed signs of distrust, The idea of this song came when the artist asked himself- How can I get closure with the false accusations?

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