[Startup of the Day] Ahmedabad-based Shine India helps Save Water and brings Professional vehicle cleaning at Door step everyday

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Q. What is Shine India?

We are an upcoming startup with mission to save water and give professional car cleaning and repair services at a door step.

Q. How are you saving water?

We use Waterless Car Cleaning technology. We have certified liquids that contains active agents which lift dirt and grime from pores of the surface, encapsulates them and provides lubrication (natural wax) so that the dislodged dirt cannot redeposit or cause damage while cleaning. Thus by adopting Waterless cleaning one will save 99.5% water usage than the normal bucket clean.

Q. Wonderful! What is your journey. How did all this started?

Myself coming from Telecom and Wireless background and having 15+ year of experience. I was not satisfied with my car cleaning. The current market is driven by unprofessional cleaners who are also nuisance and waste lot of water. Initially I hired one person and asked few friends to try out. We formulated the waterless liquid and optimized for day-to-day usage at doorstep. We thought this is a big market and every other person want to avail better service but no one is offering. Thus with my past experience we bring technology, operational management and try to deliver a better service.

Q. What professionalism your team bring to customer?

Our cleaners whom we call Shining Agents are properly trained and follow our SOP. They have been background checked and equipped with right tools like microfiber cloths, sanitizers etc to deliver proper hygienic car cleaning. Every car gets photographed everyday after each wash so that accountability and transparency can be delivered.

Q. Why the name Shine India? Any story behind it?

This is new India. Everyone talks and want India to be a global leader but there is a mindset of mediocracy. We should not compromise on quality and also thrive for excellence, then only we can reach the global standards. We also believe in governments Swatch Bharat Project and Aatma Nirbhar project and thus want to contribute in our way. Shine India have three meaning – First Good cleanness, second professionalism which will make India shine on global platform and third by saving water we will save and help india for future generation.

Q. Very Interesting? What are your pricing since you are saying its affordable?

We have a monthly subscription plan for Upto Sedan cars at ₹499/month and SUV, Vans or big cars at ₹599/month. Two wheelers we do at 299/month. We also do On Demand cleaning.

Q. Which cities or areas do you serve rightnow?

Currently we are operational in Ahmedabad City. We are serving in few areas like Satellite, Jodhpur, Ambawadi, Anandnagar, Praladnagar, and Chandkheda rightnow. We are increasing our area of operations every few day so a customer can call or whatsapp at 968-SINDIA-9 (9687463429) or they can give a miss call at 9115-SINDIA (9115746342). By end of March we plan to expand to other Urban cities and areas.

Q. That’s great to know! Do you also provide any other services?

Yes, we have a team who can take care of customers smaller denting, painting, fluid change or minor repair or tyre work at door step. We believe most of the smaller services should be taken care at door step to avoid all the hassle to customer. Further we are also tied up with local garages who are our verified and certified partners who can provide detailed services at their centres.

Q. How can someone get your service?

Contact us on our social media handles or they can Call/Whatsapp at 968-SINDIA-9 (9687463429) or they can just give a miss call at 9115-SINDIA (9115746342) and we will revert.

Thank you so much! Would you like to say something to our readers?

“It’s time for a change. Please demand better. Help us in saving water and in return get professional service at affordable pricing” Let’s Shine India.

Vivek Bhalavat is the Founder & Chief Storyteller of Shine India. You may reach Shine India at or Follow them at below social media handles






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