Nishtha Shrivastava An Author of Rakshabandhan Book and Miss India vivacious 2020

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Nishtha Shrivastava is an Indian author, public speaker and a young multi-talented girl known for her concept of living life all at once. Crowned with the title of Miss India shining star 2020, Miss India vivacious 2020 and the best debut author for 2020, Nishtha has been felicitated with International women pride award 2021 by star awards making her one of the fastest rising Indian figures of 2020-21.

Ms. Shrivastava has been a great scholar who completed her engineering from Rajasthan technical University with flying colors. She started her career as an IT Professional which she still continues to ensure that her father feels happy with her dream of seeing his daughter as a successful engineer. Nishtha has quietly achieved her dreams parallelly and has made her passion turn out with success which she always had for writing. Nishtha has been the bestselling author for her debut novel Rakshabandhan in 2020 which banged numerous titles in the world of Indie authors and now she is going to release her next novel in the coming month of July 2021 which will again be on an off-beat topic which she terms to be her expertise.

Nishtha has grown up in the city of lakes Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in a traditional middle class kayasth family. Both her parents work in Indian railways and her younger brother who is also Nishtha’s biggest support is a middle school student. Born and brought up in a joint family, she is a darling to her grandparents and her relatives. She did her schooling from one of the most reputed schools of Bhopal, Carmel Convent B.H.E.L. She was an average student in her inter school days which took a complete change during her engineering days making her a branch topper later.

Nishtha Shrivastava

She started her career with a Japanese company in Gurgaon which she calls to be her place of fun and learnings. She always wrote stories of all the characters in her workplace and tried fitting them somewhere or the other in her world of imagination. Nishtha had started writing Rashabandhan in 2014 at a tender age of 18 Years, this story is not a complete work of fiction but is inspired by true incidents that she had heard and saw around her. After engineering the gear got slow and somehow her draft of Rashabandhan was kept aside and she was indulged in her monotonous office life. But happiness can be defined only with the things that keep you thirsty, and her happiness was not in promotions and appreciations at work but in a piece of draft that was safe with her. After accomplishing a few milestones in a very short span of 4 years while working, that her father had always dreamt for her, she gathered the courage to start her execution.

Initial steps that were not easy but her firm determination to share her story made her associated with Booksclinic publishing and from there her dreamland rose into reality and her journey took the flight. Nishtha has now explored various stages of storytelling, public speaking, pageantry and wishes to climb a numerous to entertain people, impart her learnings and add a lot more lessons to her upcoming journey.


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