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Tech Entrepreneur Shailen Vandeyar is setting trends on TikTok

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The social media platform has become one of the most popular promotional mediums for brands and content creators to reach their target audience. With millions of users and influencers, the platform has become saturated with similar kinds of marketing content. Shailen Vandeyar has become a trendsetter across social media platforms reshaping media content for brands and influencers in the Australasian market.

The 25-year-old tech entrepreneur, based in New Zealand, has proved his mettle in engaging 1.2 million users with his TikTok account @Laugh. Currently, @Laugh is the biggest media account on TikTok and Vandeyar is the mastermind behind its success. With his powerful presence on TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, Shailen Vandeyar helps businesses and influencers grow with brand awareness programs and discreet talent management.            

Shailen Vandeyar is the creative genius behind some of the most influential content creators on social media. To master social media strategies, Vandeyar had to devote quality time in learning every detail about the power and drawbacks of digital platforms and how they function. With his hard-earned knowledge of social media algorithms, Vandeyar now delivers unique content and killer content to suffice the needs of his clients. His clientele comprises big names from the business and entertainment world, such as Jimi Jackson, Michael Fallon, Neil Henry, and Marty and Michael.

At present, Vandeyar uses the power of his TikTok account @Laugh to help brands create a buzz across social media. With the whopping number of active users engaged to @Laugh, brands can widen their reach to the target audience. As a social media expert and tech entrepreneur, Vandeyar is delivering excellence in terms of creating a strong social media presence. His exceptional knowledge of internet technology can make businesses go from zero to globally renowned brands.

Shailen Vandeyar studied at the Auckland University in New Zealand. Hailing from a small country with a humble background Vandeyar has brought a wave of revolution in the digital space. His exceptional understanding of internet technology combined with his natural entrepreneurial skills has helped businesses scale up their growth. His clients are now monetizing their social media engagement through his viral content. The advent of technology like smartphones has further expanded the reach of social media and geniuses like Shailen Vandeyar have leveraged it.

Vandeyar entered the realm of business with his pilot project GadgetsYouNeed, which is an e-commerce platform dealing with the latest gadgets. After he tasted success with his first-ever entrepreneurial move, Vandeyar founded a digital marketing agency by the name of VG Media. Currently, he is more focused on escalating his user base on his TikTok account @Laugh to help more businesses grow and flourish.

Being the mastermind behind the largest media account of TikTok is quite an achievement considering his age. All the success came to him after a series of trial and error. Vandeyar accepted all his challenges as part of his journey towards success. Each obstacle only made him stronger to face the next one. At the end of it, all that paid off to attract 1.2 million users on @Laugh with a total of 52.6 million likes.

Shailen Vandeyar’s journey to a media mogul can inspire budding entrepreneurs to chase their dreams fearlessly. Vandeyar aspires to inflate his presence across all digital platforms to help more businesses spin revenue from their audience engagement.


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