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Anastasia Berthier’s Road to 1M Followers!!!

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Nowadays, people are getting crazy about the number of followers on their social media platforms. Instagram influencers are working really hard to increase their followers, as some use it as a means to generate income. Whereas, others love the attention they are getting. However, this story is not about another fame-chasing Insta blogger. Anastasia Berthier managed to reach 1M followers on Instagram by sharing her path to accepting her body, thoughts on the important issues and a little bit of her natural beauty too!

Whilst most of us are followed by our friends, family members and, in some cases, even enemies.  Anastasia captured the hearts of her followers by sincerity, humility and her beautiful soul. It makes her exceptional from other influencers, who tried to show the best versions of themselves, some who tried to hide their negative experiences and others who are creating a fairytale image.

On the other hand, Anastasia remains honest about her struggles both in life and modeling career: She quoted “I have a lot of ups and downs as a model and influencer, from the challenge of finding lingerie, buying clothes in really big sizes then go and customize it with a tailor to fit because I have a small waist compared to my breast”.

It might come as a surprise for the majority of people, but as someone with such an attractive body and a unique 34KK breast, Anastasia experienced challenges in accepting her body. She has evolved from a nowadays body standard of skinny models, into falling in love with her natural curves. Where she proudly says that you do not need to be too hard on yourself to please others.

In spite of having 1M followers who are in awe of her spicy modelling image. Anastasia admits that she has never dreamt of being a model, but always enjoyed getting attention. The recognition she received from social media users was entirely unexpected. Anastasia commented: “It was back in 2018 when I created my Instagram account as a professional, for my art works and soon started including pictures of my modelling, which resulted on gaining over 510K followers in just two years.”

Just like everyone else, her pathway to success had its ups and downs. Anastasia almost lost all of her Instagram followers when Instagram deleted her profile. But she quickly recovered and created a brand-new page that instantly gained as much as half a million fans. Her experiences are a clear representation that the road to success is always bumpy, but if you remain honest, kind – hearted and persevering, whatever encumbrances come along your way you will achieve the dream that you’re dreaming.

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