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Meet Young with Solutions’ CEO – TikTok Star Timoté Chanut

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Paris, France – Young with Solutions is a new social media marketing company disrupting the industry by helping companies grow their TikTok outreach in a systematic way that has proven to be successful time and time again. The company is led by the popular TikTok figure, Timoté Chanut. Chanut boats over 2.3 million followers on his channel where he provides insight and advice on growing a TikTok following.

High school dropout to social media success

Many may be surprised to learn that Chanut is a high school dropout. Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Chanut didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his ambitions. With the rise of social media, Timoté quickly recognized that people’s attention spans were decreasing and that platforms like TikTok perfectly catered to this growing reality.

Realizing the incredible opportunity and potential TikTok offered, Chanut joined with the intent to find a way to capitalize on the rising popularity of the app. For many, the 2020 pandemic was a time of hardship and lack of success, but TikTok creators like Timoté experienced the opposite. 

TikTok exploded and became a preferred social media platform, quickly diversifying and transforming from an app for kids to an app for everyone. And with Timoté’s success, a business idea was born with the mission to become the number one reference for TikTok marketing. 

More about Young with Solutions

The Gen Z owned and operated marketing agency quickly grew due to Timoté’s guidance and leadership. Since its inception, the agency has worked with several large names including Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, and Shopify. Young with Solutions offers several core services that are designed to assist companies looking for increased exposure. This includes:

  • Connecting brands with content creators who are committed and passionate about helping the brand’s audience and awareness grow
  • Managing TikTok influencer marketing campaigns for companies
  • Managing paid ad marketing campaigns

Chanut emphasizes the importance of practicing what you preach and has a committed staff of successful creators who do exactly that. Each staff member is just as passionate about helping brands and business owners reach the TikTok success they desire as they are about their own personal TikTok content. 

That’s exactly what makes this social media agency so different from all the others, who promise lofty results while not having much experience posting themselves. Each member of the Young with Solutions team has used the strategies they recommend companies implement and knows that they work. Well on its way to reaching its goal of becoming the top TikTok agency in the world, Chanut is excited to continue expanding its services. 

Positioned for success

By focusing on solving the challenges of a fast-moving landscape, Chanut has hit a chord among his clients. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up to date with all of the new trends and hashtags that continuously surface. This positions Young with Solutions as a go-to resource as the team provides insight into the ever-changing world of social media.

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