Vishal, CEO of Be Personified says the Institute Acts as a Bridge to Connect Aspirants to Military Nursing Services

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Started their journey from a YouTube channel, Be Personified Stands as India’s top rated MNS coaching today. Vishal Saklani, founder of Be Personified, is a defence motivator and motivational speaker. He has built ‘Be Personified’ into one of the best Coaching Hub for Military Nursing Services (MNS) in India. 

Military Nursing Services is one of the most prestigious services and best ways to work with the Indian Army. Allowing only female candidates to apply for this post. The aim of the Military Nursing Service is to provide quality and premium medical care to the hospitalized soldiers and their dependents in peace and field locations.

The life of a MNS nurse is quite challenging and is satisfactory for girls who wish to serve sick soldiers in their capacity as nurses and serve the nation.

They are also ranked and promoted to the ranks of Defence Services as they go along in the services. ‘Be personified’ acts as a bridge to connect aspirants to their dream job.

‘Be Personified’ produces rankings and rankers every year. To be specific, in 2021 MNS AIR-1 rank holder was produced by them along with the highest number of selections in the whole country. As everyone knows MNS demands premium strategy, planning and training, ‘Be personified’ works with one. They’ve achieved this position through their exclusive strategies to help students excel in their career. They also follow a certain theme of teaching to help their aspirants such as, daily live classes, well researched study materials, routine tests and the best part is they charge affordable fees.

They provide teaching with the help of highly qualified teachers in every subject. They carry a lot of experience that can help an aspirant to shape their career into MNS. They also have faculties who have more than 15+ years of teaching experience in their respective field. This Highly qualified team is actively working for building the careers of aspirants and they provide certainty of selection as well.  

Apart from this we also have feedback from a few students who have excelled in their career through the help of Be Personified.

A student says,

Be Personified’s faculty is experienced, helpful and knowledgeable. Not just as teachers but as mentors as well.”

Students are provided with specific syllabus and proper guidance explaining each and every term.  Students are just expected to follow their path with the faculties and they have their result at the end. The aspirants are really thankful towards the teachers and their support. The test series and courses are a smooth ladder they just climbed.

Vishal, founder of Be Personified says, “We believe, ‘Be Personified’ is on a mission to help every MNS aspirant to reach their goal.

Currently it is ranking number one and serving all aspirants whole heartedly. They bagged this position after providing 100s of selections and we are really proud to feature them with us.

To connect and know more about Be Personified visit:

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