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How To Channel Your Inner Creativity To Build A Booming Career, As Per Jack London

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Creativity is the uniqueness of humankind that has fostered society, culture, and an evolved mindset over centuries. Art helps us live rather than merely exist. But many artists struggle with the existing part. For most creatives, monetizing their art for survival and success is a task. Few have managed to reach a point where they are paid to create the art. One of them is Jack London, the founder and artist of Shoeuzi.

Shoeuzi is a series of exclusive art collectibles with a unique mix of sneakers, urban street culture, and uzis. On paper, the three seem like a dissonant combination, but Jack’s vision turned them into pieces of art. With unique concepts and ideas, these powerful pieces have become a part of the urban culture.

Jack’s success is a manifestation of his creative spirit. While the world always associates artists with struggle, Jack believes the contrary – that artists CAN channel their inner creativity into building a booming career, provided they know how.

An unwavering belief in one’s art, beyond criticism or challenges, is a prerequisite for this. The second most important thing is consistency. While artists should not necessarily quit everything and only focus on creating, they should dedicate time to building it. The third most important part isn’t as artistic. To sell art, the artist must create a market for it. Through networking, promotions, and marketing, the artist needs to showcase the brilliance of their craft. Doing all of this will help artists grow and succeed.

The world will be a more colorful place if more artists follow their passions. Contrary to popular belief, art can be taken up as a satisfying and rewarding career, provided artists work smartly. And if budding artists keep these insights in mind, the world will be a better place, with more art like Jack London’s gracing it.

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