An Exclusive Interview with the Talented Jonathan Gerow

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Hair is a matter of both science and art. On one hand, it protects us against the planet’s temperamental weather conditions, and on the other, it’s a sign of beauty. Little wonder then that people on the verge of losing this natural inheritance look for ways and alternatives to deal with any damage their hair may experience. Science has stepped forward and introduced contemporary non-invasive techniques that help people counter this problem from the root. One of the luminaries in this field is a hair expert and co-founder of Gerow Hair Ink Jonathan Gerow. An exclusive interview.

Q. Jonathan, can you please tell us about micro-pigmentation and what sets it apart?

A. Micropigmentation is one of the most revolutionary innovations in the treatment of hair loss. The only thing people dread more than hair loss is the intense surgeries associated with regrowth. Micropigmentation is the only non-invasive surgery that’s not only effective but takes far less procedural time than primitive solutions.

Q. And what does the procedure entail, Jonathan?

A. We use an electric tattoo device to place an organic pigment inside the patient’s scalp. This results in the appearance of tiny dot-like sprouting across the surface of the scalp. These dots mimic real hair follicles and create an illusion of a full head of hair. It’s the best way to make revive the thinning surface and bring it back to life. The procedure differs from patient to patient as no two individuals come with the same requirement. Luckily, the procedure can be customized and made to suit the need of the client.

Q. How would you rate people’s response to this so far? And what can you predict in its future?

A. The response has been phenomenal. We have numerous stories of people finding their confidence again and getting on with life. It’s also the best time for something like this since self-care and self-grooming are being normalized as we speak among both men and women. The world was ready for this innovation and people are happy to give their hair a second life.

The future is full of possibilities. While the current technology is no short of avante-garde, we are certain that in the future the process will get even further simplified and seamless. Jonathan’s confidence in micro-pigmentation and its appearance on the world’s stage creates a wholesome image of self-care and personal hygiene, indeed.

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